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"Reunited with Joseph, Sebastian leaves the citadel and heads for the church on the hill."
―Chapter description.

Losing Grip on Ourselves is the sixth chapter of The Evil Within


After being knocked out by the STEM machine overloading, Sebastian Castellanos awakens strapped to an operating table in a mental ward where a doctor appears and prepares to lobotomise him. Just as the doctor strikes, Sebastian finds himself back in the backroom of the Safe Haven with a table full of photographs in front of him, one of which depicts a large gap in the floor somewhere. Upon closer inspection, a clawed arm reaches out from the hole and surprises Sebastian. Sensing something odd going on, he exits out into the hall to check, only to find nurse Tatiana standing in front of the entry mirror. As he nears her, the nurse takes a right down a previously non-existent corridor, down which Sebastian goes, only to be ambushed by a large, safe-headed creature. Just before the creature can attack him, he finds himself transported to a cliffside ruin with an old church in the distance. 

Pressing forward, Sebastian reunites with Joseph, who had just gone through another bout of transformation. The duo fight their way through the ruins, defeating a Sadist along the way, before reaching a stone bridge leading to the church. Joseph then rushes ahead despite Sebastian's warnings and falls into a trap which knocks him out cold, leaving him open to several Haunted who promptly takes him to a nearby guillotine. Narrowly managing to save his partner, Sebastian convinces a mentally-shaken Joseph not to give up on life, before the duo is attacked by another mob of Haunted. Making their exit, the two detectives go through a large gate into an abandoned village square, where they split up to cover a hedge maze. As they go along, Sebastian is beset by the monstrous siblings Neun and Zehn, though he manages to emerge victorious with the help of Joseph.

The detectives then decend down into what appears to be an underground dungeon with a lab, where they find notes regarding the mutant brothers and a monstrous guard dog named Sentinel, whom they run into immediately afterwards. Despite managing to sneak past the sleeping beast, Sebastian steps on a heavy switch on their way out, causing it to awaken and attack. During the scuffle, Joseph drops his glasses, which Sebastian has to retrieve. After managing to either defeat or outmaneuver the giant canine, the two finally heads for the church at the top of the hill.


Safe Haven

Immediately at the start of the level, check the worktable in front of Sebastian for the [ ★ CHURCH FLOOR COLLAPSES ] news article, then exit out into the hall and head towards the exit mirror. A scene will play that foreshadows the arrival of The Keeper, after which Sebastian will be transported to a ruined coastal area.


After the short series of cutscenes depicting The Keeper and Leslie Withers, turn around from the mirror and climb up the stacked crates to reach the opening on the wall leading into the next room containing some minor supplies and a weapon case.


The Agony Crossbow could be found in the case if the player missed/skipped the ones in Claws of the Horde, otherwise there will be spare bolts where it should be.

Once done, head up the stairs to the upper cliffside, where larger ruins can be seen in the distance. Follow the only road here downhill, be sure to check the smaller ruins along the way for some supplies and a [ ★ KEY ] in the lower building. Burn the body hanging on a rope to access the statue containing it, then head towards the large compound at the foot of the hill once done.

Inside the compound, a short cutscene will play where Sebastian is reunited with Joseph Oda, though their reunion is cut short when a horde of The Haunted starts attacking their position. As gameplay resumes, the player must defend Joseph from incoming Haunted as he tries to unlock the door. Enemies will be coming in from the windows opposite the door and must be held off long enough for Joseph to crack the lock. If close enough to the windows, Sebastian could knock down the ladders to stall incoming enemies for a while.


The Haunted in this area do not need to be killed to proceed. If the player could limit the number of enemies at once by throwing down their ladders, they can kite the few that are in the room around long enough for Joseph to open the door.

The room contains minor supplies a few oil drums that can be used to take out large mobs, but one must be careful not to be caught in the blast themselves. Once the door opens, go down one floor where the process must be repeated another time. Flash bolts and other crowd-controlling items are recommended here due to the enemies' wide angle of approach.

Death from Above

Once the door opens, Sebastian and Joseph will enter into a large yard with a bridge tower at the far end. On the table in front of the player is a weapon case containing the Sniper Rifle, a Syringe, some ammo and a mirror. Save if necessary, then come back out. The yard itself is littered with wandering Haunted who will attack once Sebastian drops down the nearby ledge. Quickly make way towards the nearby tower and climb up the ladder to the top. Now take a look at the bridge tower and the four metal cages hanging from it. There are several Haunted in these cages that will pop out occasionally to rain Harpoons down on the nearby plank bridge, who must be killed in order to open the exit gate. Use the Sniper Rifle to take them down, while be mindful of the traps and enemies that will eventually make their way up to the bridge. If Joseph gets knocked off the side of the bridge, quickly help him up to unlock the Everybody Gets One achievement. Once the first few cages are down, more enemies will begin pouring in, so take them out. Taking out all four cages opens the large metal gate at the foot of the bridge tower, but don't head down there yet; instead take a look at the metal ledge above where the cages used to be to spot a statue containing this chapter's second [ ★ KEY ]. Shoot it, then make way down to the gate and be prepared for a fight.

Mini-boss Fight: Sadist

The Sadist is back, and will engage both Joseph and Sebastian with his chainsaw. Due to the cramped arena, try to use the Shotgun or some Agony bolts against him.

Once the Sadist dies, pick up the key from before and head up the tower. At the top of the stairs will be a jammed elevator. Ignore that for now and go around it to find a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ], then head into the nearby Safe Haven to spot the [ ★ JOURNAL OF SEBASTIAN CASTELLANOS - MAY 17, 2006 ] on an overturned locker. Use the mirror to enter the Haven to collect the [ ★ KCPD OFFICER MISSING ] article from the news rack.

Leave the Haven once done, and burn the corpse jamming the elevator to take it up to the top level.


Once at the top, a short cutscene will play where Joseph rushes ahead of Sebastian and triggers a trap, which destroys part of the bridge and knocks him out. The player will then have to snipe the two Haunted that are carrying him before they make it to the guillotine. The shots must kill, as they will simply get back up. Failure to save Joseph will result in a game over.

Once Joseph is safe, make way to the other side and watch the short scene that plays, then turn back to face the bridge, as more Haunted will come. One must defend Joseph while he opens the nearby gate from incoming enemies and those attacking from the other side. Once done, head through the gate and go down the path to an abandoned marketplace. The many crates around the area contain some loot that should be collected along with a trapped chest that can be disarmed for some Trap Parts, and one of the stalls in the market itself has a tape recorder where one can collect the [ ★ ERNESTO VICTORIANO ] audio log. Proceed onwards along the path once done, but look for a cart on the right standing near the end of a stone wall next to a stack of boxes. Break these and duck through the hole in the wall to find a statue containing a [ ★ KEY ].

Exit the marketplace through the large gate at the end of the area.


Shortly after entering through the gates, a cutscene will play where Joseph coughs up blood. Once the scene ends, check the small cage next to the butcher table for a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ], while the cabinet with a head crusher on top of it has a Syringe sitting inside. Exit the room and enter the nearby Safe Haven to find the [ ★ CHURCH INVESTIGATION ] news article and [ ★ PASTOR GRACIANO ] missing poster near the reception desk.

Exit the Haven once done, and proceed onwards. Joseph will split up from Sebastian at this point to provide sniper support from above, so keep moving through the cemetery to the large metal gate at the end of the path.

Boss Fight: Neun & Zehn

Near the end of the cemetery path, some Haunted will release the mutant duo Neun and Zehn, who will attack in unison. The easiest way to fight them is to run past both brothers into a nearby courtyard, then duck under the large statue in the corner. Since they are too large to enter, neither will bother the player if they fire out from there. Combined with Joseph's fire support, both brothers should die very quickly if Sebastian wields the Shotgun against them, though the Agony Crossbow with Explosives and Flash/Freeze/Shock bolts could also do them in nicely. Defeating both Neun and Zehn will unlock the Two on Two achievement.

Afterwards, group up with Joseph at the horse statue to find the [ ★ GRAVEYARD NOTE ] at the base. Once Joseph opens the passage down, follow him.


Going down the hole will teleport Sebastian back to the Safe Haven. Use this time to save and/or upgrade, then head back out through the mirror.

Keep going straight down the tunnel to what appears to be a torture chamber with four stone slabs and a locked gate at the end. Note the writing on the wall next to the gate, as this is a hint on which slabs should and should not have a body placed on top. Interact with every slab once except the top left one, since it has no lever to use. Once a single lever is pulled, the spikes in the tunnel will retract, but don't walk down that path yet or they will come back out and impale Sebastian. Once two levers are down, look into the body bag conveyor to the left to spot a statue stuck to one of the bags that can be shot to reveal a [ ★ KEY ]. Pull the remaining lever once to disable the spike trap. If the slabs were interacted with correctly, the top two and bottom left should each have a body bag on them, while the bottom right should not. Check the room to the right for some supplies if necessary.

Once done, head down the tunnel to a cage elevator and take it up to the lab above. Apart from some minor supplies, the table near the other exit has the [ ★ CEMETERY LAB NOTE 1 ]. Go through the other door to a fork in the path, then check the corpse on the right for the [ ★ CEMETERY LAB NOTE 2 ]. Head left afterwards around the cage with a large creature in it to the exit. However, trouble is not very far behind. Step onto the pressure plate to open the exit gate.

Boss Fight: Sentinel

After the short cutscene that introduces the Sentinel, combat will ensue. Throughout the fight, the Sentinel will circle the arena while alternating through several bushes to rush at Sebastian from. Keep a watchful eye on the dog to spot which bush it's currently in, then either lob a Grenade or fire some Explosive bolts into it to wound the creature. If engaged in the open middle, the Shotgun could come in handy. If close to the exit gate, the player could lure the Sentinel there for Joseph to distract.


Getting hit by the Sentinel while playing on AKUMU does not cause instant death, and can be recovered with a single Syringe. However the yard will be littered with bear traps instead, which will kill Sebastian instantly when stepped on.

Once the Sentinel is wounded, Sebastian will slip through the gate, but have to come back in to retrieve Joseph's glasses that were dropped in the scuffle. The Sentinel should engage the player again, but killing it is optional. After evading or disposing of the Sentinel, walk up to the middle of the yard to collect [ ★ JOSEPH'S GLASSES ], then return to him and head towards the church atop the hill to end the chapter.




Missing Person Posters

Personal Documents

Audio Tapes

Map Fragments


New Equipment

* If not picked up in Claws of the Horde.




  • Getting hit by the Sentinel while playing on AKUMU does not cause instant death, and can be recovered with a single Syringe. However the yard will be littered with bear traps instead, which will kill Sebastian instantly when stepped on.


Everybody Gets One.jpg Everybody Gets One
5 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Who wouldn't reach out for a man clinging for his life? (Ch. 6)
Two on Two.jpg Two on Two
25 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Take out both guardians before the church.


  • After saving Joseph from the two guillotine Haunted and crossing over the plank bridge, Sebastian will immediately pull out his handgun for no apparent reason other than for his partner to grab it and attempt to shoot himself in the very next scene.



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