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Limbo is a location in The Evil Within 2 and a sub-region of Union.


Limbo is a place within Union, or rather what little is left of it after Myra Hanson dismantled the reign of Theodore Wallace. Limbo appears to be a cold place, and light snowfall can often be observed in the region. Despite the fact that the centre of Limbo proper is relatively peaceful, the ruins of Union which surround it are infested with Albedo, and are also the hunting grounds for the Effigy.

The Evil Within 2

After the defeat and death of Union's previous ruler, the townscape rapidly twists and crushes to the will of the next most powerful being within STEM at the time, Myra Hanson. By the opening moments of Chapter 16, Union was virtually no more, and in its place sits a bleached white desert landscape dotted with various debris of the old town.

It is here that Myra, under the corrupting effects of STEM, hid her daughter Lily, with whom she decides to live out the rest of her days far away from the evil of the outside world. A determined Sebastian Castellanos had other plans, however, but Myra wouldn't listen, and transforms into a monstrous manifestation of herself to combat him. Sebastian eventually emerges victorious and manages snap her back to her senses.

After finally reaching Lily, Sebastian signals Juli Kidman to begin extracting them out of STEM, with Myra volunteering to stay behind as the next Core. As Sebastian and Lily make their escape, Limbo itself fractures into pieces in the ensuing storm, and is presumably destroyed after the conclusion of The Evil Within 2.


The area looks like a desolate and further fragmented version of Union that is covered in snow. It's littered with holes on the ground and in the sky.


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