The Lantern is a usable item and vital piece of gear in The Evil Within.

Sebastian Castellanos finds it at the start of Chapter 2: Remnants shortly before encountering the Haunted Oscar Connelly.


The Lantern appears as a fairly conventional if dated oil lamp with a swivel handle for the user to grab onto. It is used by Sebastian Castellanos to illuminate dark areas and allowing for safer navigation, and will clip it to his belt when it is off or if he's wielding any weapon.

The player can turn the Lantern on and off at any time by pressing L3 (PS3/PS4), Left Stick (X360/XOne), or Q (PC).


  • The Lantern lights up a rather large area around Sebastian when turned on. The player doesn't have to keep it on hand at all times in order to use it unlike Juli Kidman's Flashlight and can safely switch to other weapons when needed and still be having clear vision.
  • Enemies will be able to notice Sebastian more easily with his lantern on even if he's behind cover. Therefore, it is recommended to switch off the lantern whilst attempting to sneak past enemies if taking them out silently is not an option.


  • The Lantern never runs out of fuel despite being oil-based.
  • Turning on the lantern during the mannequin warehouse segment in Chapter 11: Reunion does not cause a gas explosion despite having a running open flame.
  • Enemies will still be able to spot Sebastian with his lantern on during daytime maps.
  • After Sebastian smashes the Lantern on Ruvik's face during Chapter 15: An Evil Within, he will no longer have access to it, making it the only piece of obtainable gear the player will lose at some point throughout the plot.
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