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The Krimson City Police Department Precinct, otherwise known as KCPD, is the primary base of operations for members of the Krimson City police task force, most notable among them being Detective Sergeant Sebastian Castellanos, one of the only remaining survivors of the Beacon incident that took place during the events of The Evil Within.


Though the exterior is never explicitly seen in-game, the interior of the department is revealed when Juli Kidman is brought there during The Consequence, made up of several floors.

In the back of the precinct, there seems to be a set of stairs, although where they truly came from in the real world is unknown, as Kidman simply climbs up a ladder and finds herself in one of the lower floors. Past the main office area, between each of the rooms is usually a short hallway leading to office doorways with the police station's logo imprinted on it, as well as glass walls and wood around them.

In the main office area, there are several desks for each of the dispatchers. Some of the desks are rather cluttered, usually having papers strewn about around the computers, hinting that work was never done around there. Filing cabinets can be seen near the walls, among other typical office appliances, such as chairs, desks, certificates, shelves, printers, water dispensers, and bulletin boards, displaying information on cases left to solve, including that of Pedro Martin, rather fitting to Sebastian's journal entry on how there was a "seemingly disproportionate amount of crime [these] days". A soundtrack collectable can also be acquired in this area, on one of the desks.

Most other areas of the precinct aren't heavily explored, apart from one back area with a storage closet containing a safe with a letter scrap collectable. The floors have a checkered pattern all throughout, and the short hallways continuously lead back to Sebastian's office, where Juli is shown visions of discussions that Sebastian and Joseph had in that very office.

Sebastian's office was no worse for wear than any of the other officer's. A massive pile of cigarettes had accumulated on Sebastian's ashtray over time. In addition to his alcohol addiction, many other signs of him slowly sinking into a funk began appearing, such as his constant wearing of the dirty coat Myra gave to him, as well as his lack of shaving, and numerous conspiracy theories written out on his bulletin board, where he compiled evidence in his search for his wife.

The Consequence

During the events of The Consequence, in Chapter 3 Juli is brought to the KCPD Precinct, which is completely vacant, and surprisingly unscathed from the results of STEM. Juli spends little time there, save for learning some crucial information about Sebastian's past through visions in his office. After this she makes her way to the roof and continues through Krimson City.