Krimson City and the surrounding area are the main locations for The Evil Within.

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Krimson City is a fictional city, and the main setting of the game. It exists both in the real world and in STEM. After Sebastian's first attempt at leaving Beacon Mental Hospital, the entire city seemingly becomes twisted and ravaged to Ruvik's will. Krimson City appears to become infested by the Haunted and other horrors. Traversing the ruined city takes place in later chapters.

Beacon Mental HospitalEdit

A key location in the game.

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Only accessed in the DLCs by Juli Kidman.

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  • In Shinji Mikami's earlier concepts of the game, The Evil Within was supposed to take place in a generic town in Spain, à la Resident Evil 4, before being changed to an equally-fictional American urban setting. As a holdover to this Krimson City itself houses a large Hispanic population, as a sizable portion of the characters encountered or mentioned in the first game bear surnames of Spanish origin. 

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