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Knife Beats Chainsaw is an achievement in The Evil Within.


To unlock this achievement, the player must finish off the Sadist with a Sneak kill during the fight against him in Chapter 3.


  • Softening up the Sadist with other weaponry beforehand is recommended, though great care is required to not kill him by accident. About three Explosive Bolts are usually sufficient, then switch to and stun him with a Flash Bolt to open the Sadist up for a Sneak attack.
    • If all else fails, about 6-7 Shotgun shells should do the job.
  • With enough Flash Bolts, the Sadist could be killed with just knife stabs alone. Just fire a bolt directly in front of him to stun him for a brief moment, during which a Stealth attack could be performed to severely damage him. Depending on the difficulty chosen, the Sadist could take about two to four such stabs to kill.


  • The game autosaves after the Sadist dies, so it would be wise to keep a manual save just before starting the fight with him in case he dies by other means.
  • This achievement is only unlockable during Chapter 3. Successfully Stealth killing the Sadist during the escape sequence of Chapter 1 does not unlock it.