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"You are a disappointment, Dana."
―Kate under Ruvik's control

Kate Mellor is an integral character in The Evil Within (comic) series. She was the best friend of college student Dana Robinson, and vanished under mysterious circumstances six months prior to the events of From Blood.


Though much information regarding the happenings of her early life remain a mystery, Kate presumably had an impressionable academic record, attending a prestigious college in London after her graduation.

At some point during her time at ISAB, Kate became aquanited with fellow student Dana Robinson, eventually developing an intimate friendship with her. One fateful day, when Dana had seemingly planned to confess herself to Kate much more deeply, the two had planned on meeting up in front of campus during a passing period. Anxiously searching, Dana eventually spotted Kate, who waved at her, smiling. Dana began heading towards her, Kate standing and waiting, and then suddenly vanishing right before Dana's eyes.

It is unknown what Kate's family thought of her disappearance, though nobody else believed Dana when she told them what had happened, and so she began hanging up missing persons posters all thoughout campus, slowly spiraling into madness until she eventually decided to drop out and return home to her parents in Pine Creek.


Kate appears as a young Caucasian woman with ochre-brown hair and dark brown eyes, clad in a white polo shirt and tight-fitting jeans. She sometimes wore a red jacket, and may have also worn a green one at times, similarly to Dana, in addition to a teal scarf.

From Blood

Dana Robinson is driving home to her parents' house in a dense storm, sarcastically conversing with the stack of Kate posters in the passenger's seat, when her cars breaks down, the gas on empty. Dana angrily pulls out her phone, finding that it has no reception, and contemplates what to do, eventually deciding to be brave like Kate and head out into the dark alone.

After coming to a diner, where she met Paul Carey, Dana is then pursued by a small mob of Haunted. As they are being pursued, Dana looks back and thinks she spots Kate amid the vicious husks, and nearly stops, petrified, Paul quickly thrusting her back into a jog.

Later on, when Paul and Dana discuss their plan and background, Dana explains how she ended up there, and what led up to it, recalling Kate as she did so. Paul claims that he heard about the story on the news two years ago, and how when they found the body it had been mutilated. Dana sneers at him, insisting that it had only happened six months ago, and that he was mistaken.

Ghost Town

As Dana and Paul roam through the wrecked city of Silver River, Dana begins finding some of the missing persons posters she'd made for Kate, one of them blowing into her hands. She spots another one nearby nailed to a telephone pole. Dana and Paul then begin quarreling over the topic.

To the Slaughter

After Dana falls unconscious in the blood-filled dungeon beneath the Sadist's chambers, she has a nightmare about losing Kate, and believes that the blood was on hers hands, quite literally, and tells herself that she should have just reached out more, and been faster. Jack wakes her up and helps sooth her anxiety afterwards.

Hideous Headgames

On the transit to Echo Falls, Dana and Paul begin arguing once again over what's happening and why they've been brought there. Paul once again reaffirms his certainty that Kate died two years ago, and has grown increasingly frustrated with their hunt turning up fruitless.

After his death, Dana is brought back to the university, where it all began, and sings a rendition of "Oranges and Lemons" as she ascends the stairs. When she reaches the top of the clocktower, discovers the bodies of all the other survivors connected to STEM, and calls out curiously. A voice responds, and to Dana's disbelief, it turns out tobe that of Kate.

Dana approaches her friend, dumbfounded, and asks if it's really her. Kate callously explains that the other survivors are dead, as is she, and that Dana fell right into her trap when Kate was kidnapped, tipping her over the edge. It is implied through a moniter on her desk that it is actually Ruvik who is speaking through her. Kate explains to Dana that "her" STEM prototype amplifies the fears of those whose minds are connected to it, and how she knew that Dana was the strongest of all the subjects.

Kate describes with a sinister grin how exquisite Dana's psychosis is, so much so that it drowned out the other survivors' hope. Dana is distraught, and angrily says that she wasn't the one who killed them, she was being used the whole time, and tells her that she would have died to save her friend.

After discovering that she's been trapped inside her own mind the entire time, and that the real Kate already died in the real world, Kate begins destroying the STEM equipment, tearing the world apart. Kate warns Dana one final time that if she continues, she'll die inside her mind just like the rest of them. Dana mockingly shouts "too bad, I win!", decicively slamming the moniter against the wall and being absorbed into a whirlwind of red blood-like spirals, fading away and dying, though advertently freeing herself from the hell at the same time, having already accepted her fate, and refusing to be a potential conduit for a serial killer.

It is implied that the Kate seen inside Dana's mind was either conjured as a manifestation of the real Kate herself from Dana's memory, or formed by Ruvik as a means to manipulate Dana, likely the latter.


  • It is worthy of note that in each of Dana's flashbacks to her scheduled meeting with Kate in front of campus, one "student" appears in the background crowd each time in an outfit remarkably similar to Ruvik.
    • On one occasion, he even walks right past Kate before she disappears.
  • At the time of her disappearance, Kate was wearing a white turtleneck.