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"There never was a “rookie detective Juli Kidman”. You know that now. I was working for them all along."
―Juli Kidman to Sebastian

Juli Kidman, also referred to as Kid by her friends and colleagues, is the deuteragonist of The Evil Within and the main protagonist of the two-part downloadable content, The Assignment and The Consequence. She was an agent of MOBIUS and a junior detective of the Krimson City Police Department, where she was partners with Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda. Alongside several others, Juli returns as an important ally of Sebastian in The Evil Within 2 where she served as his technical support.

Early Life


From the DLC The Assignment, Juli is shown to have had a rather rough childhood. She apparently lived nearby Cedar Hill Church in a relatively poor town, and grew up right outside the marketplace.

By her own account, she had parents who more often than not treated her "like a burden instead of a daughter." She said that she was neglected by her mother, who apparently hardly ever spent time with Juli or her siblings. Rather, she would sit in her rocking chair, killing time before the next church service. Juli remembered that all they cared about was the church. She then proceeds to say it was more like a cult. She apparently felt like nothing she did was ever good enough for them.

When she was five years old, a mysterious plague struck the small town, killing livestock and humans alike. At seven years old, Juli's mother started turning to the church, noting that "their symbol was etched in her mind". There was an angel statue in the middle of town and that she always stared at; the statue held its face in its hands and looked sad. She says that she used to feel bad for it as a kid, but now she says that she thinks that even the statue knew how pitiful life was there. At fourteen years old, she left home, leaving behind only a note, in which she simply wrote that she had gone to heaven. When she left, her family didn't care, and they never looked for her. When she came back a couple of years later, the village had been abandoned. Juli states that she should've felt something, but didn't, and "they can rot for all I care."

After leaving, she started getting into trouble and developing a juvenile record.

Connection to MOBIUS

When she was first recruited by MOBIUS, Juli was a young adult, barely out of her teens. She was faced with the option of joining or continuing to rot in prison. As she joined the organization, she underwent indoctrination therapy. Her past was also examined by other agents in interviews, the recordings of which tell her story in the DLC. MOBIUS was responsible for providing her an apartment and transferring her to the KCPD to complete her mission. However, MOBIUS had sinister intentions, exploiting her weaknesses and controlling her actions remotely to ensure that their own ends are met, whether Kidman was willing to obey or not.

The Evil Within

Chapter 1

Juli, along with Sebastian and Joseph, was sent to Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate a crime scene there only to find that the police cars that had arrived prior to be deserted.

Kidman is then seen in the back of the ambulance with Doctor Jimenez and Leslie that is being driven by Officer Connelly. After the crash, she and the rest of the crew are nowhere to be found.

Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, Sebastian and Joseph run into Kidman again; however, she is in a water trap. The water is slowly rising, and Joseph and Sebastian fight off four hordes of the Haunted. She is eventually saved, but the ground beneath her breaks, causing both her and Joseph to fall through the floor. The two are soon saved from more of the Haunted by Sebastian. As she helps open a gate with the assistance of Sebastian and Joseph, they walk through a stream of blood, but each of the detectives are pulled through the ground by Laura.

Chapter 6

Kidman is later spotted with Leslie by Joseph while he is scouting on top of a tombstone. They are seen heading towards a church.

Once Sebastian and Joseph reach the church, she can be heard talking to Leslie under the partially moved altar.

Chapter 11

Kidman is spotted by Sebastian, being chased by Haunted, eventually blocking herself onto a balcony. He yells for her to hold up as he makes his way through the water and saves her once again. After the two travel for a short distance, Sebastian begins to transform into a Haunted. He charges at Kidman while she's pointing a gun at him, the screen goes black and you hear a gun shot. He wakes up to see she locked him in the room and ran off. Sebastian, after that assumes that she shot him.

Chapter 12

Kidman quickly runs from the Heresy and enters the bus that Sebastian and Joseph are on. She takes control and drives the bus, attempting to escape from the monster. After escaping the Heresy, Kidman, Sebastian, and Joseph hold off a horde of enemies. After getting away from the Haunted, the Heresy once again latches itself to the bus. After the Heresy is killed, Joseph is shot in the side. Kidman tells Sebastian that he needs first aid and offers to go check a nearby ambulance. Sebastian refuses and tells her that he will. After healing Joseph, Kidman begins to drive again, but the bus is lifted by Ruvik. He sends the bus through a building knocking Joseph and Sebastian off. She is still on the bus as it stops halfway out of an enormous building. Joseph and Sebastian wake up as the bus falls.

Chapter 13

Kidman is later seen with Leslie, comforting and telling him that she will protect him. As he walks away, Leslie causes everything to stop. She then raises a gun to his head and apologizes. Sebastian quickly intervenes, telling her to put the gun down. She tries to reason with him, telling him it has to be done. Joseph then attempts to approach Leslie.

Leslie screams and runs. Kidman attempts to shoot Leslie but instead shoots Joseph. The ground then collapses, separating the entire group.

Chapter 15

After Sebastian meets up with Leslie again, Kidman approaches him. She says that her and Sebastian have similar goals in mind. Ruvik then appears and melts Leslie and absorbs him into his conciseness, becoming Amalgam.  

After it is beaten Sebastian awakes to see Kidman, who signals him to lay low. She tells the Mobius works to leave him in the tub along with Dr. Jimenez and Oscar. He then falls asleep. 

The Assignment

Chapter 1: An Oath

After the ambulance crashes in chapter 1 of The Evil Within, Juli wakes up in the crashed ambulance alone, she manages to crawl out and she sees an illusion of The Administrator standing in the woods. He disappears and she manages to get to her feet. She then decides to go look for Sebastian and Joseph. While doing so, she is attacked by a transformed Oscar, she tries to shoot him but she realizes that her gun is gone. So she heel kicks him through the under side of his lower jaw. It doesn't have any affect, so he ends up accidentally pushing Juli of a cliff and she loses consciousness. He sees this and walks off.

When she comes to, she walks a short distance before seeing a vision of Leslie. When she hears Marcelo call out his name, she is sent back into a memory of when she is being given an assignment by the Administrator. He tells her that it's her job to get Leslie from the Beacon Mental Hospital, due to his status as an asset to Mobius. Juli then goes with the Administrator to get an injection that will protect her from Ruvik while in the STEM.

During the way he explains what is going on without giving too much away. When she gets the shot it causes her to pass out. Before she does pass out, the Administrator says he will ask her multiple questions after he counts down from 10 to 1. During the count down you see the Mobius mark on his left hand, it begins to release what looks to be darkness. He then moves closer to her before reaching one. At this point she is already passed out.

When she comes to, the room is dark and seems to be abandoned. She painfully pulls the needle of her arm and begins to try and stand straight but apparently has a major headache as shown by her body movements. While this going on there is someone standing not to far away from her staring at her until Juli finally is able to get moving. When Juli sees the figure, it immediately runs off. When given a closer look it appears the creature is Shade. However it is not obvious at first glance due to the fact she does not have her spotlight on.

Juli then walks to a double door that is held shut by a flashlight that is jammed between the two door handles. She takes the flashlight and proceeds to go through the doors into the next room. As she's traveling she throw different rooms, she eventually comes across a man who has locked himself inside an office. Juli says that she's going to help him. She then crawls through the vents to head into the office. When she is crawling you suddenly here high heels walking around, you hear the man scream and Shade attacks him saying "Your body". Shade heads out of the previously locked door muttering Leslie. She leaves into the next room. You exit through the office to see the dead corpse of the man. Juli is rather disgusted by this and she then heads through the same door as Shade.

She then goes through multiple rooms filled with Haunted and she eventually comes across a door that requires a keycard. So she goes and looks for it traveling through another vent to get into the room that has one. She grabs the keycard but sees that she can not go back through the vent because a locker fell and is now blocking it. A haunted begins to bust down the locked door and Juli hides in a large locker. When the haunted comes into the room Shade walks in and proceeds to eat him with her sideways mouth that's hidden under her sheet. She then shines her light through the locker air slits and says, "I see you," before a noise distracts her and she runs off towards it. Juli exits the locker and heads to the door to use her keycard. She proceeds into the Physical Plant Office.

She comes across a door that requires a hand scan. When she scans it, it says that Juli's status is terminated. Juli is confused by this and instead hacks into the computer. When she does Shade once again comes across Juli by dropping down from a ceiling vent. Juli hides and Shade uses her spotlight to make a door appear. She goes through it and then suddenly the door is gone. Juli then uses her light on it and the door appears again. She travels through only to come face to face with herself shouted for help in the water chamber. The location changes back to another hallway in the Plant Office.

As she's traveling she eventually sees Leslie through a window wandering around a lower floor. (However this might be an illusion due to the way Leslie walks. Instead of walking all jittery and shuffling, he walks like a normal person. This might be an illusion created by Ruvik to see if she really is looking for Leslie. However this is very similar to the scene at the end of the main game where Sebastian sees an illusion of Leslie walking past police cars. Just like here Leslie was walking normally.)

She continues to head through the facility. She gets another keycard to continue traveling. She eventually comes across Ruvik but as soon as she sees him he disappears. During this time she also sees memories of Dr. Jiménez, she sees his past and him work with Mobius. Particularly he is seen speaking the Administrator. After this she comes across a room where she has to shine her flashlight at multiple prints of the STEM machine. After she does Shade breaks open the door but does not go through. Instead she goes off to somewhere else.

Juli heads the doors and heads off. She ends up in a hall that has a window. She sees Sebastian and Joseph through it around the same area where she saw Leslie. She tries to scan her hand but once again it says that she's terminated, so Juli heads down to Biometrics to reinstitute herself in the system. She has to do three different tests before she can be able to pass through doors locked with hand scanners. Along the way she has to avoid dozens Cadaver.

When that's done, she heads back and is able to pass through the door. She sees Sebastian and Joseph head up the elevator, she can't follow them though because the elevator doors on the floor she was on are blocked by boxes. She then heads downstairs to go up the same way they did. She gets to the bottom floor part of the elevator, she scans her hand and waits for the doors to open but then the power goes out. An automated voice says that Juli will have to wait for the power to be restored. While it says that, Shade begin to make her way into the room by squeezing through a few pipes. Juli then has to keep running around and hiding from Shade while the power is slowly turned back on.

Finally when it is. The elevator picks up where it left off and opens the doors for her. Juli runs in and the doors shut, she quickly looks back and sees Shade through the clear glass elevator. Shade rams herself against the glass making it crack, but is not able to get to Juli because the elevator is immediately sent up. Juli is taken up to the floor that Joseph and Sebastian are on and she has to travel into a few more rooms before she sees them again on the other side of windows in a hallway.

Then she sees a room that is connected to the hall that she's been traveling through, Juli goes into the small glass room and starts banging on the glass, she continues to yell and bang but apparently the glass is to thick for either one to work because they continue to be oblivious to her presence. She begins to back up getting ready to leave the room, before suddenly Ruvik is standing right behind her. She turns around and backs up against the glass, obviously being startled and frighten by his sudden appearance. He begins to talk to her about how she's part of Mobius and that they see her as expendable as he was. As he says this the small room begins to fill up with water. He then throws his hand up and the location changes. The location is now the location that Sebastian and Joseph were in the first game. Juli falls out of the room which is now replaced with a water chamber, the same chamber she sees herself in earlier. It turns out this was the point in the game where (in the main game) Sebastian and Joseph released a captured Juli from a water chamber that she was going to drown in.

Joseph immediately is at Juli's side asking if she's ok. Then a symbol made of fire appears on the ground next to them, before the floor collapses and Juli and Joseph fall through.

Chapter 2: Crossing Paths

After Kidman and Joseph fall through the floor, she wakes to find that he's gone, and so she goes to look for him. She eventually sees him in the sewers shouting for her and Sebastian. She then has to lift the gate that shut after he went through, by collecting junction box fuses to place together.

During the time that she's collecting fuses, she has another run in with Shade. Juli crawls through a pipe and Shade suddenly runs up to it and looks at her, before running off. When Juli pops out of the pipe, she follows the direction that Shade went. She travels down the hall and steps over some concrete rubble before going back into the sewage water. When she does, the water begins to boil. Then the floor caves in and she falls to the floor below her. It turns out that the concrete rubble has landed on her legs preventing her from getting up. She tries to move it but won't budge. Shade takes this opportunity and begins to turn corpses into haunted and cadavers. Juli sees a gun and manages to grab it. She begins shoot all the enemies that come near. When they're all down Shade approaches Juli and Juli shoots her spotlight. Shade releases a scream and runs off. Juli runs out of ammo but still puts the gun in her gun holster for future use. Juli is finally able to lift the rubble up enough for her to be able to pull out. She gets back to her feet and continues searching.

After collecting all three fuses and seeing Ruvik again for a brief moment. She puts them together and passes through the now open gate, continuing to try an track down Joseph.

She eventually falls down a large hole in the floor and immediately turns around to see Joseph in front of another closed gate. He aims a gun at her until he realizes that it's her. He quickly puts his gun away and approaches her as she moves to him. They both are happy one another are safe, Joseph asks if they should go find Sebastian, but Juli says they should worry about him later. After that Kidman asks if they can open the gate. Joseph replies by saying that the two them wouldn't be strong enough to open it. They then hear the growls of a haunted(s). Joseph pulls his gun out and began heading towards their direction. Kidman tells him to be careful. He replies, saying that he'll be fine and that she is to stay there and find another exit.

She then goes through a door that she made appear with her flashlight. As she heads in and goes up a spiral staircase. She hears shouting coming from downstairs on her way up. She ignores this and heads through an open doorway only to have another run in with the administrator. (First time meeting the fake one) He tells her to kill Joseph because he will turn on her but she denies saying he doesn't suspect a thing. While this going on you can hear Sebastian and Joseph shouting for Kidman to help them.

Suddenly Kidman is brought to her previous location, the room with the closed gate, where she is back with Joseph and Sebastian who just finished off the haunted. Joseph then tells Sebastian that they might be able to lift up the gate far enough for Kidman to go under and open the nearby door, which they end up doing. They begin walking through the hall all together before Ruvik starts sending wave attacks that don't affect her but give both Joseph and Sebastian headaches. Sebastian proceeds to run off, screaming while clutching his head. Before Kidman can stop him Joseph grabs her shoulder and turns her around. She horrified to see that he's been turned into a haunted. He grabs her throat and begins choking her. He proceeds to say, "I know who you are." "I won't let you take him." ('him' most likely referring to Leslie.) "You should've followed your orders Kid."

She then kicks Joseph causing the location to change once again, this time to an operation room. She looks down to see that her gun is gone, only to find that Joseph has it. He unloads the clip ands drops the gun to the ground before charging at her. He's stopped by a bright light that shines from above them both and Kidman takes this opportunity to hide from Joseph. She turns to see a dead haunted with an axe in its head. She pulls it out and then uses it to sneak attack Joseph.

There is a segment during this where she has to sneak around and pick up axes to sneak attack Joseph. During this Joseph often says while looking for her "You couldn't have gone far..." She has to attack him three times before he turns back into an ordinary person. He then drops to the ground (possibly dead or unconscious). She then is shown to be upset about having to hurt him and says he should've just stayed out of the way.

After this she wakes up in a decrepit wooden home. She begins looking though the home before she approachs a room that you hear a rocking chair and see a shadow of a woman. However when you get to close the room, you see the shadow point forward before disappearing. When you go into the room, Juli starts talking about her childhood. She then proceeds to head outside.

She sees that she's in town square of the village. Juli head into the center only to see Leslie run through a arching doorway. She tries to stop him but is stopped by the sudden appearance of a locked door blocking her way. The only way she's able to get through is if she moves spotlights that are sitting on pedestals. She faces them all to the middle area. She also has to collect one to put on a pedestal. When has them all face to the middle, Juli has to use her flashlight to be the last light, the combined light makes the weeping angel statue appear. Once it does, she's able to go through and follow Leslie.

She is now in the village graveyard which is in front of the church. Leslie manages to make it through and locks the bar gate behind him. Juli sees this and decides that she will have to lure the haunted away from the gate in order for her to pass through. She sees the nearby bell tower and realizes that it'll grab their attention if she rings it. So she sneaks her way to it.

When she reaches it, she rings the bell which causes all the haunted to be lured to the tower. Juli then makes her way to the gate, only to see Leslie standing on the other side. She tells Leslie that she'll help him, he believes her and opens the gate to let her through. She locks the gate behind them, and they begin to make their way to the church.

Along the way she comes across another gate that is locked. This time, she needs to collect three statues to unlock it. Each statue represents three different times in her lifetime. When she collects them, she heads through the gate with Leslie.

They head into the church and Leslie finally shouts, "He's here." Juli turns around only to see Ruvik who approaches the both of them. Juli pulls out her gun trying to protect Leslie. She becomes confused by the fact that Ruvik is happy that she's planning on taking Leslie out. It's not until he possess Leslie and makes Leslie repeats everything that he says, is when she realizes that Ruvik will ruin Mobius's plans by exiting through Leslie. Ruvik also lies to her and tells her that they can see what she's doing inside STEM.

Ruvik then makes Leslie choke her. She pushes him away and aims at Leslie's head. Leslie approaches her and she about ready to pull the trigger before black smoke suddenly fills up the room. Ruvik and Leslie have disappeared and The Administrator begins talking to her. He tells her that it doesn't matter if Ruvik comes out with him, it only matters that she does her job.

He finally appears into his physical form via all the smoke and he angrily sends Juli flying before she slams into a pillar. He begins to walk towards her and tells her that she can't escape. She proceeds to run from him through the passageways inside the church, she tells him leave her alone but he continues to chase her. You see that his shadows have large monster like hands that he eventually uses to try and grab her. Juli finally manages to get to an exit and she goes outside. She stops to see Beacon Mental Hospital in the distance, before it's lighthouse light shines at her and she can't see.

The DLC ends with The Administrator saying, "You will bring us back that boy."

The Consequence

Chapter 3: Illusions

Juli wakes up in the Safe Haven after having a supposed nightmare of the ending of the last dlc, once she leaves her her room, she meets Tatiana and demands answers, when she doesn't receive any she decides to explore the area. Reliving memories, meeting Ivan Diaz who tells her the same thing he told to Sebastian and even seeing Shade, Finally after all of these things happen a way out is revealed and she is able to leave. When she does she ends up back at the MOBIUS headquarters. She decides to go the bottom floor to the STEM terminal because she thinks Leslie is heading there. Along the way she learns more about Ruvik's relationship with Mobius and the way they treated him. She once again runs from Shade and then heads to the terminal. When she gets there she's led back to Krimson City and goes through the police department. She sees memories of Sebastian and Joseph from their earlier days until recently. After this she begins feeling sympathy for Sebastian. After that she heads out into Krimson towards Beacon Mental Hospital. Along the way she battles and defeats Shade. Then she meets back up with Sebastian who gets turned into a Haunted by Ruvik. She manages to save Sebastian and find Leslie. However The Administrator chases her until she gets to a school bus that has both Sebastian and Joseph in it. She starts the bus and drives away, looking back to see the Heresy land on top of The Administrator.

Chapter 4: A Ghost is Born

After Ruvik telepathically launches the bus into the hotel, Kidman recovers and is separated from Sebastian and Joseph. She loses her handgun and has to proceed without it. Along the way, she encounters a painting of Ruvik that created red particles and discovers that she can burn through it to move on.

Kidman later happens upon more paintings of Ruvik and find out that they were trying to take control of Leslie. She saves Leslie and the boy runs out of fear. She then winds up in the kitchen and notices a dumbwaiter that Sebastian is stuck in. She pushes the button to reactivate the lift, saving him. Proceeding further into the kitchen, she finds more paintings trying to take control of Leslie. While trying to burn the third painting, hands from the Laura (Creature) burst from the ground and ensnare Kidman. Leslie points a gun towards her, hinting at a temporary possession. Kidman tells Leslie to not do it and the boy fights off Ruvik's control and shoots the painting, saving Kidman. She then retrieves the handgun from Leslie and takes him with her, hoping that he will be safe.

Kidman and Leslie then exit the hotel and enter the playground. This scene plays mostly the same, but with some changes as Kidman was percieving some things differently from Sebastian. Leslie asks if he can take the train home. She says he can't right now, but she promises to protect him. The boy is happy, but then the world freezes, as Leslie fluctuates between himself and Ruvik, showing once again the possession. Kidman draws her gun and says that she is sorry for Leslie and that it is not his fault. Suddenly, a voice tells her to stop. Instead of Sebastian, she sees the Administrator. He asks what she is doing. Kidman says he does not understand what Leslie will become and that the Administrator does not understand what Ruvik is after, that he is after Leslie. The Administrator says that they know what Leslie will become and that Ruvik is a corpse. Kidman does not appreciate his patronizing tone. She has orders, but she will not let Ruvik escape into Leslie. When she turns around she sees Sebastian, instead of the Administrator who seemed to have disappeared. Leslie has an outburst, causing an earthquake. Kidman tries to shoot Leslie, but hits Joseph on accident. She runs for Leslie, but the world changes and she is brought back to Mobius HQ.

Then, she goes through a door and is brought to Beacon, where she accesses other rooms and learns through various visual echoes showing conversations between Marcelo and the Administrator about Leslie's capability to synchronize with Ruvik's brainwave due to sharing similar backgrounds of having lost their families. She discovers that the Administrator considers the idea of STEM being only suitable for people like Ruvik and Leslie a failure, as the plan was to make STEM accessible to a broader range of people. She also finds out her being an expendable agent, sent into STEM to test an ongoing project that aims to control people's actions, showing Mobius had betrayed her a long time ago.

Kidman is transported to the Sadist's room that Sebastian was in at the start of the main game, then she is transported back to Mobius HQ with the Administrator laughing at her. Kidman says he will not stop her. She then comes upon a lone Haunted with a sawed-off shotgun and is able to steal his shotgun and kill him. Kidman rushes through dozens of Haunted and is able to get in an elevator that leads up to the apex of Beacon where the Mobius facility is. The Administrator taunts Kidman, saying that STEM was built on the premise of fear as a way to control individuals. She would be the first to succumb to this. Kidman makes it to the main STEM terminal in Beacon, where she spots Leslie, who takes cover behind Sebastian. Sebastian does not trust Kidman and says that he knows her background and that Leslie is not ordinary. The world shifts again; the STEM terminal becomes a brain and Ruvik is appears. Leslie walks towards Ruvik, who turns Leslie into something similar to cerebrospinal fluid. The fluid is absorbed into the brain, then the world shifts again.

Kidman is brought into another area, and she stands face to face with the Administrator. He says he failed her mission. Kidman says none of this is real and that he isn't real. She is no longer afraid of him. With her use fulfilled, the Administrator makes a final attempt to end Kidman. He attacks Kidman himself, uses clones of Kidman, then finally tries to kill Kidman with giant, dark clawed hands. These do not stop Kidman and she delivers a final shot that weakens the Administrator, bringing him to his knees. The world shifts and she is back in Mobius HQ, in the Administrator's office. She finds a pistol that was provided by the black cat and slowly walks towards the Administrator. He simply laughs saying that she thinks she has won, but he will always be with her. Kidman denies it, saying she is stronger than he thinks, delivering a final shot.

Kidman awakens in the real world standing. She sees Leslie emerge from a STEM terminal, coughing. She is confused, but has little time to question it as men take Leslie away, as well as Joseph. She sees that the vessel that housed Ruvik's brain is empty. A woman, most presumably the Agent that indoctrinated Kidman into Mobius, calls out to Kidman from behind, saying she's got him from here. Kidman asks how long it has been. The Agent replies "37 minutes since the first pulse". She asks what Kidman is talking about when Kidman asks how they got here. Kidman says she needs a minute to get her head straight. Another agent calls out to the woman, addressing her as Myra, Sebastian's wife. Myra says "he" will need a debriefing as soon as Kidman gets back. With no one watching her, Kidman frees Sebastian, saying that she failed in her mission to neutralize Ruvik, but they did not count on Sebastian. She says she owes him one. The screen turns to black. Kidman tells the Mobius members to leave Sebastian, Connely, and Jimenez, saying they were not going anywhere. The Administrator's voice is heard as he finishes her sentence with "No one is".

The Evil Within 2

Details and more information (and corrections) needed.

Introduction & Chapter 1

Following the events of The Consequence, Kidman had been secretly working to sabotage and ultimately destroy MOBIUS with the help of operatives such as Myra Hanson, Esmeralda Torres, and Theodore Wallace; although once inside STEM, Theodore planned to go rogue by seeking the core to control the town within STEM called Union, and eventually wishes to use STEM to control the entirety of MOBIUS (although this plan would fail and never come to fruition).

During the game's introduction, she finds Sebastian alone in a bar. She informs a rather unstable and drunken Sebastian that she has returned to speak with him. She informs him that Lily is still alive and that MOBIUS needs his help to save Lily. This prompts Sebastian to become more aggressive, leading him into a physical confrontation with two accompanying MOBIUS agents until Kidman tranquilizes him in the neck which causes him to fall to the ground. He slowly begins to pass out, and as he is losing consciousness, Kidman then states that "We don't have time for this bullshit. We need you. Lily needs you."

Upon entering the MOBIUS facility with Sebastian strapped in a wheelchair, Kidman briefly explains that the STEM environment has begun to collapse, Lily had disappeared and stopped sending signals, and that the MOBIUS teams had their communication cutoff and are now in the dark. Right before Sebastian was sent into STEM, Kidman wishes him good luck and to make sure to locate other MOBIUS team members if possible, stating that Sebastian and the team members all have the same goal in mind. Most importantly she stresses that once Sebastian finds Lily to report back so the extraction can begin. She then plugs a USB port into Sebastian's machine and says "...and someone else will be in there for you" (this would later revealed to be Myra). Once Kidman establishes contact with Sebastian after he enters STEM and enters his safe zone, she answers his question as to why he's back in his KCPD office, reason being is because it's the way his subconscious built it.

Chapter 2

Having lost contact with Sebastian (due to him encountering an unidentified killer and narrowly escaping from the Guardian), Kidman immediately calls him to see if he is alright. Thankfully, he is still alive and informs the MOBIUS agent that another nightmare (much like the Beacon Incident) is currently happening within STEM once again, that the killer he has witnessed is running free in Union, and that he found the missing team's leader, William Baker, unfortunately, he is dead. Stressed out by everything he has seen so far, Sebastian immediately demanded what MOBIUS has dragged him into now, with Kidman reminding him that they have no control or eyes over STEM, and that it will not bode well for the rest of the search team now that their leader is dead. Kidman than told him that she can help the ex-detective further if he can find more information with what is going on in STEM. A few minutes later, Sebastian hastily called back Kidman to inform that just like what happened back at Beacon Mental Hospital, the occupants within STEM are transforming into hideous creatures, and that means that his missing daughter is in much more trouble than just being lost within Union. Before she can say another sentence, Sebastian immediately than reassures the MOBIUS agent that he will find Lily and end this mess.

Chapter 3

After Sebastian survives STEM's trap of torturing him with haunting memories of Beacon and his psychological interview he underwent just after making it out of STEM for the first time, Kidman immediately calls him to see if he is alright, stating that his body vitals were off the charts that he was just about to go into Cardiopulmonary Arrest, she is then told that Sebastian is having some thought that he is in Beacon once again. She is surprised by this and tells him that it wouldn't be possible since he is in a new STEM system, where he realizes that the machine is taunting him about his past, and reassures Kidman that he will fight this and continue to find Lily.

Chapter 4

After making his way to the Marrow entrance at Post Plus, Sebastian calls Kidman to inform her that he has found search team member Liam O'neal and he has taken the liberty of getting the ex-detective on a trail to find Lily, and that Union is crumbling apart into pieces as well as most of the population being corpses and monsters. Kidman then learns from Sebastian that the killer he mentioned before has taken Lily hostage, and that he is about to access the backdoor of STEM, dubbed the Marrow so he can get after the killer, which he also reminds the MOBIUS agent that she neglected to tell him about. Kidman apologizes to Sebastian for not giving him a briefing before sending him into STEM, stating that they thought it wasn't that bad in there. She is then berated by Sebastian for her and her employer's stupidity for not realizing that something like this would happen if the Core is gone, and that Lily wasn't stuck with him and her back in Beacon, leading Kidman to calm him down. The MOBIUS agent than requests some info about the killer, where she is told by Sebastian that the killer believes himself to be an artist with nothing else much to go on. Sebastian then requests to call him once he makes it into City Hall where the killer is with Lily.

Chapter 5

After Sebastian loses the trail on the killer (now known as Stefano Valentini) and makes it out of City Hall, she patches back through with Sebastian to realize he is alright and he had lost Stefano and has escaped with Lily, but he managed to turn on the Stable Field Emitter to stabilize the STEM environment and to slow down the killer. Sebastian then tells Kidman of how much he is worried about his daughter, with her being so scared and alone now she is in danger and has to hurry to save her, yet he is so close. Kidman than assures Sebastian that MOBIUS wants her back as much as he wants, but Sebastian still doesn't have trust in MOBIUS since they will put her back into STEM to continue their plan. Kidman then tells the detective that she was talking about herself, and shows that she spent a lot of time with Lily during her testing as the Core and doesn't want her to suffer as Lily was a good kid, still believing there is faith for Sebastian to find her and they need to work together to find and save her. They both thank each other and he hurries to get back to finding her, also revealing the killer's name is Stefano and gives him another good luck.

Chapter 11

After Sebastian meets Torres and is taken to her safe house in the Union Forest Reserve, Sebastian calls back Kidman to tell her that he has killed Stefano, but Lily is gone again, also that there is someone far more powerful than the artist who is after Lily for her powers and is a smooth-talker. Kidman then fully recognizes that he is mentioning Theodore Wallace, the rogue head of recruitment of MOBIUS and a conspirator within Kidman's plan to destroy MOBIUS. She then gives Sebastian everything she knows about Theodore.

Chapter 13

After the death of Torres and the remains of Union now under Theodore's control, Kidman then contacts Sebastian to inform him that STEM is going crazy and is becoming more destabilized at a faster rate. Sebastian than tells the MOBIUS agent that he has exposed Theodore's stronghold and is now on the roll to finally kill him and save Lily. Kidman then tells Sebastian to stay in contact so they know what is happening, s they can help each other again.

Chapter 17

After stopping Myra and knocking her back to her senses, Kidman uses her personal computer to help restablish contact with Sebastian and that he is now approaching Lily. Kidman then overhears with an agent and the Administrator that the STEM environment has taken too much damage due to the situation right now and that even if the Core is put back in her regular place, it is imminent that Union will completely collapse upon itself. Kidman also hears that after MOBIUS has Lily and Sebastian extracted from STEM, they will kill the detective after serving his purpose to getting Lily out, thus betraying their deal. The Administrator then commands Kidman to help kill him, but she refuses, causing the latter to send out his numerous agents to kill the traitorous Kidman, who she battles in numerous gunfights and slowly gets close to the main system to release Sebastian and Lily from STEM. After she makes it, she kills the doctors that are commencing procedure to kill Sebastian, while locking the only way in to the system, forcing the surviving agents to cut the large, metal door down. Kidman then proceeds to help Sebastian escape with Lily, while being tempted by the Administrator to stop and will be given death for her actions, as her betrayal will be legendary, and trying to persuade her to continue with their cause so they can help the world with the power of STEM so no one can be in pain anymore as a unified conscious. Kidman then contacts Sebastian, who tell her that he has Lily, where she then instructs Sebastian to go to his Room so she can commence extraction of the Core, and is fully aware that Myra is staying behind to finish MOBIUS. While being tempted by the Administrator again, Kidman then says she will be legendary for destroying MOBIUS, and explains what is wrong of using STEM, as it is not a utopia without choice and that there must always be a ruler so it can flourish and continue on in the future with control. Yet that there you live or you die, you can also avoid their cause and screw them. Disgusted, the Administrator tries to kill Kidman via the implant in her head, but Kidman reveals that she has taken her cranial chip out of her head three days from now, with the Administrator promising that she will die for everything. She then receives a message from Myra that the procedures are finished, and she can commence with the Plan. Kidman thanks Myra and pushes the Enter key on the terminal, which remotely controls the cranial chips and sends enough electricity to fry the agents brains, thus killing them, including the Administrator. Kidman then witnesses Sebastian has safely made it back to the real world, who quickly demands her to help release Lily from the chamber she is held in. Using a stolen bypass code that the Administrator only knows, she successfully opens the chamber and Sebastian desperately manages to safely rip Lily out of the chamber who slowly wakes up from all the pain she has endured for the past years she was within MOBIUS control. Sebastian then asks Kidman if the nightmare is finally over, where she reveals that it is. With Lily safe and MOBIUS completely destroyed, she then directs the Castellanos out of the MOBIUS facility to safety.

Slide Projector Chats

While Sebastian explore Union to find Lily, he can find Slides around STEM that he can view with a Slide Projector in his Safe Room, where they can talk to each other about their pasts, their perspectives of what was going down in Beacon three years earlier, how Kidman became part of MOBIUS, their family, and what would've happened if Sebastian didn't stop Ruvik. After Sebastian finds one final slide, he contacts Kidman about Joseph, where she learns that Sebastian is still feeling guilty for what happened to Joseph and he believes that Kidman killed him. Realizing his time for guilt is over for his best friend and partner, the MOBIUS agent reveals that Joseph is still alive and that he will tell Sebastian about what happened to him after they save Lily, leaving Sebastian feeling better and surprised.

After Destruction Of MOBIUS

Sometime after destroying MOBIUS and leaving the facility, Kidman and the Castellanos move to a gas station to prepare for their life out of the horror that MOBIUS has put them on twice. Kidman then gives a doll to Lily that resembles Myra and she happily accepts it to honor Myra's sacrifice, and then waves goodbye to the Castellanos as they drive away and move on with their new and reformed life. Kidman then looks upon her symbol that was burnt onto her hand when she escaped STEM in Beacon and decides to put MOBIUS in the past and then leaves to find a new purpose in her life.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Juli has killed:


The Evil Within

Juli is a young Caucasian woman with blue eyes and short brown hair. She wears a white dress shirt with a KCPD patch on the right side with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, long blue jeans, tall high-heeled shoes, and a gun holster mounted on the side of her chest. She also has a utility belt with her KCPD badge and equipment.

The Evil Within 2

Kidman wears a similar white dress shirt and long blue jeans, but also wears a black leather jacket and tall black boots. She also wears a black glove on her left hand, which hides the scar she received after escaping the original STEM world. Kidman's hair is slightly longer and is now tucked behind her ear on one side.


Throughout her life, Juli has struggled more often than not, both in her childhood and adult life. This led to her become an aggressive young woman, acting hostile or serious to the people who bring out such a response from her. She often acts like a lone wolf in some ways, looking out for herself and her best interests. Until she was recruited by MOBIUS, setting her down a different path in life and gaining an unbreakable loyalty to one cause though ignorant of its true motivation and attitudes about her. Under the disguise of a junior detective for KCPD, Kidman’s rebellious personality had been broken by her indoctrination into MOBIUS as she seems much more steadfast, orderly and by-the-book to the point where Sebastian describes her as a “cold fish” due to not realising his need for bending the rules to achieve results.

Nevertheless she is not without true loyalty to Sebastian and Joseph. She respects them for training her under their wing and holds a great regret for lying to them and placing them in danger inside of STEM to the point where she hopes their paths don't cross as she’d be forced to harm them. She was greatly distressed by supposedly killing a Haunted Joseph yet refuses to murder Sebastian when he was under Ruvik’s possession despite her strict orders to if they got in her way. Her loyalty to MOBIUS developed a great strain as she folds through the traumas of STEM and realises their true intentions about the expendability of agents such as herself. Kidman actively defies the organisation by refusing to deliver Leslie like she was ordered to do and lets go of her fear of who she is without MOBIUS.

After her ordeal in Beacon, Kidman’s loyalty towards MOBIUS was shattered and she resolved to destroy the organisation for the evil it reaped and the way it betrayed its agents such as Ruvik and herself. She became traumatised by STEM to the point where she vowed to never enter it again, preferring to use Sebastian and the search team to complete The Plan. Despite her hatred for MOBIUS, Kidman appears to be on good terms with Myra, Torres and encourages Sebastian to save as many members as he can even though her

Though she regretted betraying Sebastian and assisted him throughout his ordeal into Union, Kidman has shown some anger towards her former mentor’s resentment for her when she tries to make amends for the past whilst at the same time understands his anger and couldn’t explain her true intentions to destroy MOBIUS under the constant surveillance of the organisation. Her passive demeanour almost breaks when Sebastian accuses Kidman of only wanting to rescue Lily so their experiment will not be a waste which causes her to sharply reply she wants to save her because of the bond they built during her experimentations.

Due to being manipulated by MOBIUS her entire life, Kidman developed a strong sense of personal loyalty and well-being. She definitely makes it clear to The Administrator her reasoning for betraying the organisation was for herself; that said she is not above caring for others such as Sebastian and Lily as she makes sure those two could live a happy life that was stolen from both of them after MOBIUS was destroyed and they were safe.


Sebastian Castellanos

"Seems half drunk all the time, but at least he's considerate. Is he really the one people are concerned about? Seems almost harmless."
―Kidman, making a remark about Sebastian to a MOBIUS agent

Sebastian’s relationship with Kidman is strained. He is shown in an earlier memory to want to train her, insisting on it despite Joseph's warnings. However later on, presumably as he grew to know her, his opinion on the matter changed. He resents having to train her, going as far as to label it "babysitting duty." In his journal he describes her as being aloof and standoffish, even going as far as calling her a cold fish. Kidman also took issue with the aggressive way Sebastian went about working his cases, much to Sebastian’s annoyance.

But despite this, he does however show worry and concern for her while surviving together, showing that Sebastian does care for Kidman. Not only that but it's seen multiple times in the two-parter DLC's, that when Kidman sees memories that involve Sebastian in it, she says that he shouldn't be involved and that him and Joseph don't have anything to do with this. This shows that Kidman cares for Sebastian and Joseph and she doesn't want them to get hurt. Through her ways she talks with Sebastian, its obvious that she cares for him.

There is a scene in both the main game and the Consequence where Sebastian meets up with her in the destroyed Krimson city. He saves her from multiple Haunted and they travel through other buildings together. They enter a room and Sebastian gets a "Ruvik Headache." Sebastian sees his reflection in the window and realizes he's turning into a haunted. He tries to warn her to stay away but lost control of himself. He quickly charges at Kidman. While he does, Kidman sees Ruvik behind him. Since she has a better grasp of the situation (thanks to her previous encounters with Haunted Joseph), she manages to shoot Ruvik causing him to disappear. With Ruvik's hold on Sebastian gone, he ends up passing out, Kidman sees that he's leaning unconscious on her with his head on her left shoulder. While in this state, he turns back into a normal person and Kidman lies him on the ground.

After this she leaves the room and locks the door behind her. Sebastian quickly wakes up and gets to his feet, he sees her on the other side of the door and he's angry because he thinks that she shot him. In an effort to keep him out of the way, she doesn't explain to him that she actually didn't shoot him, rather she says that she had no other choice and that she's going to leave him behind because Ruvik will use him to try and stop her. Later Kidman comes across the KCPD building and sees three memories. She learns about the tragic loss of Sebastian's daughter and his wife leaving him, which makes Kidman feel sorry for him and starts to show pity. After this when they meet again while she's about to shoot Leslie, she's unable to express this feeling while he is aiming a gun at her because she sees an illusion of The Administrator instead of him. She ends up making their relationship exponentially worse when she accidentally shoots Joseph, seemingly killing him in the process.

The two have another complicated run-in later, when she's chasing Leslie. He tries to protect Leslie from her, aiming his revolver at her without hesitation, on account of her having shot both him and Joseph. She tries to explain that Leslie has to die in order for Ruvik not to get out. In the heat of the moment, Sebastian doesn't get a chance to understand before Ruvik arrives, and this time he is too dazed to prevent Ruvik from luring Leslie to him, and turning him into a fluid, which is then absorbed into his consciousness.

Later at the end, when Kidman is brought back into the real world, she finds Sebastian still unconscious in the tub. She saves him from being captured by Mobius by saying that he's dead. The two part ways at a gas station, her then telling him that she owes him one and that she hopes he finds what he's looking for. (Myra and the truth)

In The Evil Within 2, Sebastian was initially shown to be angry and mistrustful of her. She served as his external guide, providing information as he travelled through Union. She desires to help him and Lily, but could not do so overtly under the watchful eyes of The Administrator until near the end of the game.

They talked plenty about a number of topics, learning more about each other. After finding out about Kidman's involvement in Myra's plan, Sebastian shifts his attitude and view regarding her. He gradually warms up to her, confiding in her and forgiving her for her past behaviour.

In the end, they parted on good terms as Kidman saw Sebastian and Lily off.

Joseph Oda

"Joseph, as usual, tells me that I’m being oversensitive. I think he’s got a crush on her, maybe..."
―Sebastian, writing about how Joseph thinks he's being oversensitive about Kidman

In the Consequence, it shows that when Kidman was first being transferred to the KCPD, Joseph wasn't too thrilled that Sebastian wanted to train her. He was shown not to want to have to deal with her. However, it is shown that after that he grows more respect for her and Sebastian even suspects he has a crush on her.

This interesting due to the fact that in the memory that Juli sees, Sebastian is shown to really want her to come with them. But in the main game, it's shown that Sebastian thinks that dealing with her is babysitting duty and he starts to suspect's that she's hiding something. While in the memory Joseph is seen not wanting to deal with her and bring her with them. To accepting her in the main game and calling Sebastian oversensitive for saying that he thinks she's hiding something.

So it seems like they both switched their previous opinions of her. Sebastian was going from giving her a chance, to becoming suspicious of her. And Joseph going from disliking the fact that Sebastian wants to take her with them, to respecting her and caring for her.

During the events of the games, it's shown in Chapter 5 of The Evil Within/ the ending of chapter one in The Assignment, when they find Kidman trapped in a chamber filling with water, Joseph like Sebastian is concerned about saving her from drowning. When the chamber opens and Kidman falls onto the floor, he's immediately there to help her, asking if she's alright, showing that he cares about her well-being.

There is a segment after this where Joseph becomes a haunted and Juli has to fight him. He's shown to be aggressive and angry in this form. She has to attack him three times before he turns back into an ordinary person. He then drops to the ground (possibly dead or unconscious). She then is shown to be upset about having to hurt him and says he should've just stayed out of the way.

After this Kidman is not seen physically interacting with Joseph until he and Sebastian find her leading Leslie through a park. (This scene is in both the Main Game and The Consequence.) She ends up accidentally shooting Joseph instead of Leslie when the earthquake happens; she doesn't stay behind to apologize for what she's done, but rather she immediately runs after Leslie.

So it's been shown that they have a rather complicated relationship. They both have shown that they don't want to hurt each other. (At least when they're right in their minds). But Kidman shows that stopping Ruvik from exiting STEM is her top priority. Though it can be assumed that Kidman was sorry for accidentally shooting Joseph and that she would never purposely do that.


"Mobius... so they sent you to take the boy back. And you trust them? Don't kid yourself..."
―Ruvik talking to Kidman

Her relationship with Ruvik has been shown to be a similar one to the one he shares with Sebastian, in the fact that he tries to connect with her in a way, tries to find something they have in common. In this case, it was that the both of them were working for Mobius. He shows her over the course of the two DLC's that Mobius sees her as expendable just like everyone else they do business with. And that they will easily eliminate people who go against them, Ruvik using himself as an example. This causes her to begin doubting Mobius' intentions for her, making her question her loyalty to them.

It is shown that she doesn't experience the dubbed "Ruvik headaches" nor does she ever become a Haunted during the game like Sebastian and Joseph do. This is due to the infusion process the Administrator put her through. Ruvik seems to realize this in his encounters with Kidman and instead has to find a different way to deal with her. He says that Juli is as expendable as her "partners" and as he was himself. He then says "We'll see how loyal you are when you know the truth."

Ruvik writes two letters and rips them into pieces. You find each one in both DLC's. Ruvik's second letter is specifically written to Juli, mentioning that he left a mark on the Administrator when he went inside STEM, and that he's going to do the same to her.

The Administrator

"Do you stand with Mobius?"
―The Administrator to Kidman

Juli's relationship with the Administrator is one of superior and subordinate. The Administrator himself states he has high hopes and expectations for Juli, yet often watches her actions. His conversations with her mainly involve telling her what she needs to know and expecting her to follow through. She does not like him, but would follow his orders to stay within his good graces; she would defy him should she feel the need to. Near the end of The Evil Within 2, he becomes angered greatly with her defiance, but has a small amount of admiration for her bold actions. In the end, she feels no positive feelings as she watches him die from the implant in his head, causing him to bleed out uncontrollably.

Inside STEM

"Run all you want, Kid. You can't escape."
―The Administrator manifestation to Kidman

The Administrator inside STEM in The Assignment and The Consequence is a representation of Juli's innermost fears and not the man himself. It's shown that this manifestation often chases and threatens her. He takes delight in watching her scream and run. Throughout the ordeal, he often threatens her to complete her mission and bring Leslie out or else. He's been shown to be very cruel and manipulative, not unlike the real Administrator himself. Not only does he throw her around when she denies to do something, but he also loves getting into her head and keeping her fearful. At the end of the DLC, Juli manages to severely wound the Administrator and as he is on his knees, with an evil and sadistic grin, Kidman tells him that she is strong and shoots him in the head, killing him.

Leslie Withers

"You'll protect me?"
―Leslie talking to Kidman

It's shown that getting to Leslie is her main objective throughout the DLC's. She, at first, wants to get to him so that she can take him out of STEM because that's is what her orders were. She is shown to be very kind to him; she realizes how afraid he is and how much he needs comfort. She shows that she feels sympathy for Leslie, and she tries to comfort him.

However, she later learns that Ruvik will try to leave through Leslie if they bring Leslie back. She decides that Leslie will have to die, to prevent Ruvik from leaving. She is seen trying to shoot Leslie twice once at the church and once in the park. She knows that it's not Leslie's fault that he's Ruvik's target, so she apologizes to him and says it's not his fault.

So it's shown that she cares for Leslie but in the end, she has to make a painful decision. Though she never actually ends up killing Leslie, instead she fails, and Ruvik absorbs him into his consciousness.


  • It is heavily implied that Kidman's mission to protect Leslie was a ruse enforced on her by Mobius, as one of the flashbacks showed that the Administrator had no need for a host like Leslie; he even went as far as saying the entire STEM operation was an "abortion". This implied Kidman's mission was given to her merely to test her loyalty and to see if the new infusion process they put her through was working.
    • Alternatively, the true nature of her mission could be to keep Leslie from falling into the hands of Ruvik. As Ruvik's intention is to hijack his body and leave STEM, Leslie being safe is only of tactical value to Mobius and not practical. To this end, the Administrator took precautions to shield her from the corrupting effects of Ruvik, thus making Juli the only character to be seemingly immune to being transformed into the Haunted.
  • According to the director's notes in the artbook, Juli (along with an early version of Joseph Oda) was originally envisioned as a French prisoner who were forced to tag along with Sebastian by circumstance.
  • Juli's clothing appears on various posters throughout the city during Chapter 11. Juli herself can even be seen on a perfume advertisement.
  • On her missing person poster, the picture of her appears to be taken while she was a kid judging by her face, shorter hair and clothing.
  • Kidman is likely a cat person, as her version of the save station is represented by a black cat with a red ribbon around its neck. Unlike Sebastian who immediately leaves after saving, Kidman can stay and continue to pet the cat for as long as she wants.
    • A keychain of a cat plushie is attached to her bag on her KCPD desk as seen in The Consequence.
    • Her cell room in Safe Haven has a version where it looks like a room filled with cat plushies.
  • Thematically, Sebastian and Juli's mode of saving progress seems to relate to things that are considered to be "bad omens". For Sebastian, to enter Safe Haven and his room, he has to enter it through a broken mirror. For Juli, to save her progress she sits on a leather couch with a black cat.
  • While Juli isn't in The Executioner DLC, she is visible in the art in Joseph's room.


The Evil Within

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The Evil Within 2

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