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"You will be like us..."
―Juli Doppelganger choking the life out of Juli

Juli Doppelgangers are a unique type of enemies encountered in The Consequence.


These are shadowy copies of Juli Kidman summoned forth by The Administrator during his boss fight at the end of Chapter 4. Only two of them are ever encountered during the fight, one of which carries an axe and the other goes barehanded, but can grab Juli's neck to choke her.

Incidentally, only the barehanded one has any dialogue, as it speaks during the process of choking the player, while the one with the axe only ever lets out grunts and growls. Their voices are the same as Juli's, only distorted and more creepy. Their movement is twitchy and unnatural, and they are capable of short-ranged flash-stepping, which allows them to gap close or maneuver around Juli's field of view with ease. Due to this, they can be rather unpredictable to the unobservant.

Other than what's described above, the two Doppelgangers behave like any other Haunted.


  • Neither of the Doppelgangers have any unique kill animations that they perform on Juli when she's low on health despite being based on the attack patterns of existing Haunted templates.