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Item Management is an achievement in The Evil Within.


Basically, this achievement requires the player to clear the caves section of Chapter 8 using no firearms whatsoever. While this is a relatively short segment to clear, the catch is that the caves are infested with a small mob of AlterEgo, who can instantly kill Sebastian Castellanos with their chest tentacles, thus heavily discouraging melee combat.


  • Grenades don't void achievement progress. Use them if you have them.
  • The real challenge in attempting this is the first stretch of the mission. This requires a fair bit of footwork to lure the two AlterEgo in the second chamber back to the main mob while avoiding their instant kill attack. Because of their sluggish speed, an agile player can quickly swing back and open the gate while the monsters slowly lurch up to them. After that, the rest of the sequence is fairly straightforward.


  • Despite making virtually no noise, using the Agony Crossbow with Harpoon bolts will void this achievement. Conversely, using loud explosives like Grenades somehow doesn't render it invalid.