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"In a village's basement, Sebastian experiences Ruvik's past."
―Chapter description.

Inner Recesses is the fifth chapter of The Evil Within.


After waking up from the long fall last chapter, Sebastian Castellanos finds himself in what appears to be a deserted hospital, though he soon realises he's not alone. Prowling the hallways of the hospital are more of the invisible enemies he fought previously. Undeterred, Sebastian quickly found a keycard that lets him explore further, though an apparition of Ruvik appears to railroad him into solving a dangerous three-room puzzle. After deducing the correct button presses, loud blood-curdling scream suddenly comes out from a nearby wall, where bloody claw prints bash constantly against the surface, eventually revealing a door.

Going through the door, Sebastian happens upon a small room with various medical equipment, along with what appears to be a large bathtub where Joseph Oda lies unconscious. Sebastian wakes his colleague and the duo moves on ahead, though Joseph admits he has no recollection of what happened to him in Beacon Mental Hospital. Just as he said this, a ringing noise stuns both detectives and causing some sort of mutation to manifest in Joseph, who promptly attacks Sebastian. Though the effects subside quickly, Joseph is horrified by the experience.

As the move along, Sebastian and Joseph manage to arrive at a large room, where a familiar voice can be heard calling for them. It was their junior partner Juli Kidman, trapped in a plexiglass tank with rising water. As Joseph resolves to rescue her, hordes of The Haunted descend upon the group, though they eventually manages to defeat the monsters. But, as Joseph is quick to point out, there is no way to free Kidman from where they are standing, forcing Sebastian to find a way around up to a control panel above them. As soon as the dials are set, both Kidman and Joseph fall into a newly-opened hole in the floor, through which Sebastian goes to find them.

After briefly reuniting with his partners, Sebastian is once again separated from them as an unseen entity grabs him and drags him to a Haunted-infested tunnel. Upon making his way towards the end of the area, Laura attacks him once more in a trapped room, forcing him to stand his ground against her. Sebastian ultimately wins and leaves the area, only to find himself in what looks to be Ruvik's old STEM lab, where the hooded man ponders the viability of Leslie Withers as a test subject. As the flashback ends, Ruvik in his tank briefly reveals himself to Sebastian, before unleashing several of his jacked Haunted on him. Sebastian manages to disconnect them all, but is knocked unconscious by the system overloading.


Abandoned hospital

The level begins with Sebastian standing in front of a Safe Haven door, with a corridor to his left. Ignore the hall for now and turn around to find a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ], then enter the door to spot the [ ★ JOURNAL OF SEBASTIAN CASTELLANOS - MARCH 2005 ] on a table next to a supply box and a Mirror. Afterwards, enter the Haven and check the newsstand for the [ ★ INVESTIGATION STALLS ] article. Save and/or spend Green Gel here if necessary, then return to the previous hall and take the left route this time. There is an invisible Haunted standing at the end of the corridor completely docile until Sebastian gets close enough, but he couldn't be harmed until he does so, so lay down some Explosive bolts on the ground near the T-junction to dispose of him. The rooms to the sides don't contain anything of note but some minor supplies.

Afterwards, proceed onwards until the player reaches a room with a large hole in the floor. Drop down here and turn on the Lantern to spot some rats running around. One of them has a statue on its back that reveals a [ ★ KEY ] when destroyed. Crouch under the boarded doorway to advance. The room next door has a locked exit with a card reader next to it, so head left instead into a large resting room, where an invisible Haunted will start making its way towards Sebastian and should be killed. Going through the double doors at the far end of the room leads into a small lounge with another invisible Haunted and a back office with some supplies and the [ ★ HOSPITAL KEYCARD ]. Nabbing the key prompts another invisible Haunted to enter the room, so head towards the exit with a Shotgun in hand to take him down. Backtrack to the card-locked door and go through it. An apparition of Ruvik will appear in front of Sebastian to lead him to a small room downstairs.

Padded room

Going down the stairs leads the player into a small room, whereupon the door immediately vanishes. Walk around the room a bit until small holes start appearing in the walls, which can be peeked through for some clues regarding the puzzles ahead and make their respective doors appear. Enter the leftmost chamber first and inspect the operating table with the bodybag lying on it.

This is an example of the puzzles in these rooms: two buttons will be presented to the player, and pressing the wrong one instantly kills Sebastian. Clues hinting at the right one can be spotted when peeking through the small holes into the rooms, and are drawn on the walls if one forgets. For this chamber, the right button is the left one. Once done, exit the chamber and observe as the blood trail runs towards a nearby wall, then enter the second room.

The second room is the same story. The left button is the correct choice, and the room itself also has some crates that reveal loot when destroyed. Collect them if necessary and check the round table in the corner for the [ ★ UNDERGROUND FACILITY NOTE ]. Leave the second chamber and enter the last room, where the correct button is now the one on the right. Also found in this room is the [ ★ ABERRATION IN SUBJECTS OF ASSIMILATED CONSCIOUSNESS ] audiotape.

Abandoned hospital Pt.2

Leave the room once done, and watch the short scene that plays foreshadowing the return of Laura. Go through the door that appears into an adjacent chamber to find Joseph Oda lying in a STEM tub. A partner healing tutorial will appear once the cutscene is over, teaching the player how to restore Joseph to full health if he's attacked. Once done, leave the room and take a right at the junction to find a room with some lockers. These contain minor loot and one has a dead body propped inside for a jumpscare, but other than that this room is not noteworthy.

Return to the junction and take the other route into a large recovery room where a Haunted nurse patrols back and forth. Alerting her will rouse the ones lying on the beds as well, so Stealth Kill her if possible. Outside this room is a small chamber to the left and stairs to the right. The leftside room only contains minor loot, but don't shoot down the hanging corpse in the corner next to the door, as it will rise as a Haunted. Head down the stairs to find a trapped door that Joseph tries to unlock. If the player had not killed the sleeping Haunted in the recovery room above yet, they will attack now. Once Joseph opens the door, head inside and watch the cutscene, then climb the ladder in the corner to find a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ] at the top. To the right of the fragment is another Safe Haven. Enter it and check the newsstand for the [ ★ PATIENTS CLAIM ABUSE ] article. Save and stock up on ammo here if necessary, for there will be a big fight just ahead. Once done, head back outside and go through the double door into a big two-story room with a water tank in the middle.

Water Trap

The water tank in this room is a death trap with Juli Kidman inside. Joseph will jump to her rescue, but hordes of the Haunted will immediately flood the room. Players going for the Not Part of the Job Description must be especially cautious here, as Joseph takes a while to kill anything, and he can only fight one enemy at once, so the safest bet is to jump down with him and gun down everything with a Shotgun before he can engage them. Several enemies with explosives will join the fray shortly afterwards, and the metal door near the back of the arena will fall open close to the end of the fight, letting in more monsters.

Once the horde abates, Joseph will fail to open the tank, forcing Sebastian to go around and disable the water flow. A timer will begin to tick down at this point, shown as a meter for the water inside the tank. Taking too long will cause Kidman to drown and the game to reload. The route around is populated with many Haunted, but most could just be ran past. Enter the holding cell on the right at the very end of the hall, then duck through the opening to find a staircase leading up to the water control console. Joseph will suggest the dial combinations, so turn the upper dial to 22 and the bottom one to 5. A cutscene will play once done, revealing a big hole in the other room around the water tank. Make way back to the water tank, but be sure the check the cell adjacent to the one leading to the controls for another [ ★ KEY ] on a bed. Jump down big hole and squeeze through a crack in the wall to proceed. The path here is quite linear, though there is a small side room just a short distance from the crack that contains some minor loot. Proceed onwards until gunshot is heard, then assist Joseph and Juli with taking down the Haunted attacking them. Lift the metal gate up with Joseph and go through the door Juli unlocks to enter a long hall, where everyone is grabbed by Laura and dragged under.

Old Flame

Sebastian then wakes up in front of this chapter's final Safe Haven. Go through the door to find the [ ★ WEDDING INVITATION ] and a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ] near the mirror. Enter the Haven and check the usual spots for the [ ★ PARISHIONER FOUND ] article and [ ★ FERNANDO ] missing persons poster. Afterwards, exit the Haven and proceed along the halls while taking out the Haunted that infests it. Near the end of the area, the player will run into a locked chainlink door with a room to the side. Enter this room to trigger Laura's appearance, then immediately run outside and wait by the oil spill by the corner. As soon as she nears this area, light the puddle on fire to drive Laura away, allowing the player to freely explore the room she was in for some supplies and a [ ★ KEY ] in a locker. Once done, go through the now-destroyed door into a big arena.

Boss Fight: Laura

Laura spawns from the corpse at the middle of the overpass in this room, and there are several fire traps around the place that could be used against her. Take a few laps around the arena to familiarise oneself with the layout while collecting supplies if needed. If possible, try to lay some traps with the Agony Crossbow around where Laura appears from to take her by surprise, otherwise Freeze bolts could pin her in place and leave her open to shots.

Once Laura is dead, loot the Green Gel 5,000 from her corpse and go through the opened door to find what looks to be a prototype STEM chamber. Once Ruvik's flashback ends, Sebastian will be attacked by three "jacked" Haunted that cannot be killed with gunfire. Knock them down with a few Shotgun blasts and interact with their heads to pull out the cords connecting them to STEM. A fourth one will join the melee after the player has defeated one or two, so be careful. Once all four enemies have been unjacked, the chapter ends.




Missing Person Posters

Personal Documents

Audio Tapes

Map Fragments


New Equipments

  • There are no new equipment found in this chapter.




  • The lone invisible Haunted at the start of the level is invulnerable and docile until he turns around and reaches the gurney next to the doorway. Sebastian can even walk up to him and he will not attack before he reaches his trigger, though he will still turn invisible. Shots fired will phase through him, melee attacks will miss and explosives won't affect him in any way, though fired Explosive bolts will stick to his body if shot correctly. As soon as he becomes aggressive the bolt(s) will promptly explode.
  • If the player manages to drive off Laura when she appears in the small side room without burning her with the oil puddle, she will retreat into the ground, yet the metal door that used to block the way forward will have been mysteriously destroyed when Sebastian returns to it.


Not Part of the Job Description.jpg Not Part of the Job Description
25 Gamerscore - This is a silver trophy.

The water's rising, but we'll get out of this without a scratch. (Ch.5)
Old Flame.jpg Old Flame
20 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Finish off a shrieking beast.


  • Despite the game emphasizing the urgency of rescuing Kidman before the water in the tank reaches the top, the player is free to kill off enemies at their leisure. The tension of her drowning only starts once every single attacking Haunted have been killed, whereupon the water line will suddenly rise up to Kidman's face and continue to go up from there.
  • The water trap room is reused for the boss fights against the Sadist, the Haunted Joseph Oda, and Sebastian Castellanos in The Executioner.
  • If playing on Casual or Survival difficulties, this is the last appearance of the Invisible variant of The Haunted. They do return otherwise in the subway in chapter 14 when playing on Nightmare or AKUMU.



The Evil Within Walkthrough Chapter 5 - Inner Recesses No Damage All Collectibles (PS4)

Inner Recesses walkthrough by Mike Bettencourt - No damage, all collectibles.

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