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Hysterics are a dangerous variant of The Lost encountered by Sebastian Castellanos in The Evil Within 2.


Hysterics are easily distinguishable from a regular Lost by the white one-piece dresses they wear, as well as their distinct, strained croaking. Their bloodied and oversized hands bear long, sharp nails, and their skin is unnaturally pale, lacking any boils or veins present in the Lost.

Hysterics are very thin, with sunken skin around the neck and collarbones and correspondingly skinny limbs. What's less observable, however is their reinforced skull dome, giving them a slightly bulged cranium. Hysterics have rather large mouths filled with gritted, yellow teeth. Their hair is scraggly and white, leaving much of their head bald. In addition to this, their left eyes are located further back and up their heads than their right eyes.

Hysterics are exclusively female.


Typically found roaming in The Marrow, though occasionally encountered in back streets or idling in bushes, Hysterics tend to keep to themselves, making combat with them easier due to their usual distance from large mobs or other Hysterics. They are however tough, for a stealth attack with the knife takes two attempts due to their reinforced craniums.

Hysterics always wield knives, which they will violently slash at Sebastian and dealing massive damage, so long as he is within close distance. During combat, Hysterics will constantly follow after Sebastian, while switching between a shuffle and a burst of speed every so often, allowing them to catch up to him should he slow down. They can't take very many more gunshots that a Lost would, however. When shot, Hysterics will initiate a counter animation where they will immediately charge towards Sebastian to slash him.

Hysterics are resistant to headshots and melee attacks aimed at their faces, which somewhat enrage them instead of killing them when struck against one. They are also resistant to Sneak and Predator kills and can survive one such hit before becoming instantly alerted. A second attempt or a successful Ambush will kill them, however.


  • Hysterics are generally best approached with stealth. Their little intelligence and slowness makes it easier for players to close in on them, compared to most enemies, as well as their tendencies of being found distant from other enemies.
    • Despite this, they are resistant to a first attempt to Sneak Kill as said above. Although they can be killed afterwards with a second attempt, if you are quick about breaking their line of sight.
    • Most Hysterics can be taken care of with Sneak Kills. The only exception is the one encountered in Union Nature Preserve during the fight with Esmerelda Torres (Nightmare+ Only), as well as the Hysteric found in The Marrow while making their way to City Hall. Although, some players have found alternatives to sneak past it.
  • Engaging in combat with a Hysteric can be dangerous, as her attacks can deal fatal damage to Sebastian and kill him very quickly, even at full health. With this being said, melee attacks against Hysterics are suicidal, unless done with an axe. In this case, they should be met with the Shotgun, due to its staggering rate powerful enough to stop her in the middle of her charging attacks, and generally, their high potential damage.


  • The Hysteric is the only Lost variant to not have a unique kill animation when one finishes off Sebastian's health.
    • The Hysteric is also the only Lost variant that is exclusively female.
    • The Hysteric is also the only Lost variant to always carry a specific weapon.
  • When Sebastian pursues Yukiko Hoffman through the laboratories, leading up to the fight against Liam O'Neal, an occasional Hysteric can be seen laying on a table, covered in a cloth.
  • Despite their name, Hysterics are usually slow, seemingly docile and passive unless disturbed, after which they will still behave to the extent of normal Losts.
  • Hysterics are the only common enemies to be able to survive a direct blow from the Brass Knuckles, but only if struck at their heads, otherwise they would die in one hit as any other Lost.
  • Hysterics are immune to the distracting effects of the Warden Crossbow's Smoke bolts.