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Health is an important gameplay element of The Evil Within series.


A fully-upgraded Stamina bar in The Evil Within 2 next to Sebastian's health line

Health is the value of the player characters' overall vitality, and is represented by a large circular green meter next to the Stamina line (see right), located at the top left of the screen. Health drains with every bit of damage taken, and can be replenished with Syringes, Medical Kits or naturally to a limited degree.

Exhausting this meter causes death.


By default, Sebastian Castellanos, Juli Kidman and Pedro Martin have a base of 100HP, which drains in set increments whenever they take damage. While Juli has passive regeneration, Sebastian and Pedro must sustain themselves by means of medical aids when hurt, lest they die from taking too much damage. Harder difficulties cause enemy attacks to drain more health per hit, while AKUMU mode bypasses this entirely and leads to immediate death upon taking any bit of damage.

Should Juli and Sebastian fall under 30% total base health, they will enter a "Critical" state, where they will limp and clutch their bodies in pain while the screen flashes red with audible heartbeats in the background. In this state, sprinting is disabled, and the stamina bar will disappear accordingly. Sprinting is not disabled in the sequel upon reaching this threshold, though both Sebastian and Juli will suffer a considerable speed penalty when doing so.



Healing can be achieved through several means, the most common of which is the use of Syringes, which restore 30% (40% in The Evil Within 2) of Sebastian's base health unupgraded.

Medical Kits

Medical Kits are an alternative, which heal for a set value of 110% base health with each use, effectively fully restoring Sebastian's vitality on top of permanently adding an extra 10% to his life gauge. Subsequent Kits further increases this extra value, up to a maximum of 50% for an effective 150HP gauge.

Pedro Martin neither receives a full heal per kit nor do the kits actually extending his life bar, though the latter can be achieved via a different upgrade.


Introduced in The Evil Within 2 are special Coffee Makers found in Safe Houses that instantly replenish Sebastian to full health when used. Coffee Makers are reusable and are always found in the same spots, but require a considerable cooldown to brew more drink, thus making their utility somewhat lesser than the usual Syringe despite their greater healing value.

Passive Regeneration

Both Juli Kidman and Sebastian Castellanos possess a form of limited passive regeneration, with the latter receiving much less out of it than the former. As medical supplies are absent in The Assignment and The Consequence, Juli Kidman instead slowly regenerates her health to full when not taking damage. This rate is accelerated when she's actively hiding from enemies using lockers or beds.

Sebastian on the flip side can only self-regenerate when at less than 30% total health, which ceases once he's passed this threshold. Additional upgrades in The Evil Within 2 raises the bar for this "Critical" regeneration, to 40% and 55%, respectively, allowing the player to slowly regain up to half of their health bar.




  • Certain segments in each game will not take the "Critical" health threshold into consideration regardless of damage taken, and the player will not be able to passively regenerate health. Examples of these are the bus driving section at the end of Chapter 12: The Ride, or when playing as Juli Kidman at the end of the second game.
    • Health upgrades are disregarded when playing as Juli at the end of the sequel.


  • The Evil Within 2 implements a counter for the number of Syringes used by Sebastian in one playthrough.
  • Dying to certain damage sources on AKUMU mode will have Sebastian play his death animations while the health bar remains full.