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"Those who oppose me are cleansed in the fires of my guiding light. They become my acolytes, my disciples. Doomed to burn forever."
―Father Theodore

Harbingers are enemies encountered in The Evil Within 2. They were once normal people, but now their minds have been bent to Theodore's will. 


Harbingers are large, dangerous humanoids wielding flamethrowers, and bearing strange bandage-wrapped rebreather masks concealing their entire face, tubes attaching it to a gas cannister on their backs. The only visible skin on their heads not concealed by the masks is heavily charred. They wear long rubber gloves, similar to The Keeper's, only black. Their robes are quite similar to that of Theodore himself, the main difference being that the stoles are white rather than red.


Where as Stefano primarily acts on his own, Theodore is a master manipulator, getting others to join him, then turning them into zealots that enforce his bidding throughout Union.

Harbingers are first introduced via a cutscene triggered while traveling with Esmeralda Torres to her Safe House, though the first "real" encounter takes place either before Chapter 11 in the Business District, or at the end of Chapter 11, as a sort of boss fight. The boss version of the Harbinger turned out to be a brainwashed Liam O'Neal who had been swayed over to Father Theodore's side. Defeating O'Neal awards Sebastian with his broken Flamethrower that can be repaired using additional fuel cans dropped from other Harbingers around Union.

After returning to the Post Plus Office, either after or before O'Neal is defeated, many Harbingers can be encountered roaming throughout the Business District of Union, setting The Lost on fire wherever they go.

Harbingers themselves are hardy enemies and can quickly become one of the toughest enemies Sebastian will come across especially on Nightmare. They are deadly at all ranges with devastating melee attacks at close range and they launch fireballs at mid-range. Despite their armored heads, Harbingers still take more damage from headshots, and if all else fails blowing out the fuel tanks behind them can also deal reasonably high damage depending on the current difficulty.


  • Due to their constant flailing and turning, sneaking up on one can be a tough task without ample cover, though fortunately Harbingers themselves give off a fairly loud bellowing audio report, giving players who don't want to risk fighting them an early warning.
  • Using a Smoke Bolt on Harbingers disorients them and opens them up for a Sneak attack. More than one successful hit (two Casual, three on Survival and five on Nightmare+) will bring a Harbinger down.
    • Trying to use a Sneak attack on a Harbinger without using a Smoke bolt requires some careful timing. Try to catch a Harbinger in the middle of his spraying animation, as it cannot be canceled prematurely, otherwise he will turn around and smack Sebastian with his weapon, dealing considerable damage.
  • If one decides to fight the Harbinger head on, it would be strictly advised to fight them at mid-range as they deal instantaneous damage up close. One should be careful about the fireballs. Having full stocks of ammo is best advised as they take many bullets to defeat them.
  • Blowing up a Harbinger's fuel tank is a gamble. While the explosion does take off a chunk of his health and prevents him from using his weapon, it also restricts him to very aggressively spamming his melee attack, which deals more damage up close and can instantly kill Sebastian even at 50% or more health.
  • Harbingers are often on their own and will give everything else a wide berth. However, there might be some Disciples escorting them in certain areas, such as Theodore's stronghold. Occasionally, stray Losts could enter their activity range when fought within Union itself. These weaker "trash" mobs should be dealt with first, as they will distract Sebastian and alert the Harbinger to his presence.
    • If there are liquid nitrogen canisters around, they could be used to quickly freeze a Harbinger, allowing Sebastian to take some cheap shots at him while he's immobile.
    • Alternatively, Freeze Bolts from the Warden Crossbow are a great option if there are no liquid-nitrogen canisters nearby or if they have been already used. Although, one should note that when the Harbinger is spraying fire in a direction where a mine is placed, the flames could possibly set it off, rendering it harmless to him.


  1. At least two extra Harbingers will spawn inside Father Theodore's fortress on difficulties Nightmare and up. Killing these Harbingers will net Sebastian Green Gel 7000 each instead of Green Gel 5000, along with two extra Flamethrower fuel tanks.

Death Animations

  • If a Harbinger manages to hit Sebastian with his flamethrower bash, he will stab its nozzle through the detective's stomach before pulling the trigger and burning him from the inside out. The fanatic then slides Sebastian's lifeless body off of the weapon before the scene cuts to black. This can happen even at 50% or more health on the meter, and even if the Harbinger no longer has a fuel tank.
    • Alternatively, the Harbinger will clock Sebastian in the face with the butt of the flamethrower and knocking him down onto the floor, where the zealot proceeds to burn him alive.


No More Playing With Fire.jpg No More Playing With Fire
15 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Stopped a true believer from playing with his favourite toy.
Destroy a Harbinger's back-mounted fuel tank.


  • Partway through Theodore's Fortress, a Harbinger can be spotted spraying fire at random through the barred hole in the wall. While he can be fought and killed, it is impractical and wasteful to do so since his drops cannot be collected to reimburse the player of their spent supplies attacking him.
  • Harbingers were originally going to be an enemy featured in The Evil Within, as evidenced by numerous concepts of them found in The Art of The Evil Within. They were originally intended to engage Sebastian in close quarters with their oversized swords instead of a flamethrower, as it would be illogical for creatures under Ruvik's control to wield fire.
    • The swords were at one point elongated and enlarged orbitoclasts instead of traditional blades.
  • Slain Harbingers drop the smaller fuel tanks used to feed Sebastian's portable Flamethrower despite none of them seeming to visibly carry any.
  • Based on his residual memory in Chapter 11, Liam O'Neal was at one point intending to persuade and convert Sebastian into a Harbinger instead of fighting him.


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