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"A valuable weapon when in a tight spot, facing a group of enemies. Lack of care can kill you just as easily as any monster."
―Model Viewer description

The Grenade is a weapon usable in The Evil Within.


"This stick grenade is a relic from nearly a hundred years ago. How it ended up in private hands is unknown."
―Inventory description

The Grenades are the game's answer to personal, hand-thrown explosives used for the express purpose of crowd control and/or flushing an enemy out from behind cover. Each grenade follows a shallow arc when thrown and detonating shortly after, killing or seriously wounding anything caught in the blast that isn't a boss monster. If thrown carelessly, the grenades could hurt or potentially killing the player themselves.


Max grenade.png

Max Stock



green Gel 500


green Gel 1,000


green Gel 3,000


green Gel 8,000



  • Avoid throwing grenades carelessly in confined spaces. Since thrown grenades do not have any indicator to denote their positions, they could accidentally land too close to Sebastian and blow him up as well. This is especially important on AKUMU mode, where an errant throw can cost the player many hours of progress.
  • Grenades do bounce off of enemies when thrown directly at them. As such, refrain from throwing grenades at charging enemies to prevent them from flying back at Sebastian and blowing him up as well.


  • The Grenade seems to be a German-made M24 Sielhandgranate fitted with the splittering sleeve of the later M43 model. Oddly, despite how Sebastian never seems to pull on the grenade's fuse, the device still explodes normally when thrown.
  • Grenades are not considered a "loud" weapon for the purposes of the Item Management achievement, and can be liberally used to clear the caves of AlterEgoes without voiding progress.