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Full House is an achievement in The Evil Within.


This achievement is unlocked simply by killing 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt.


  • Poison and Incendiary bolts aren't required and kills made using them won't count towards the achievement progress.
  • Bolts that don't kill directly on their own (e.g. Shock, Flash and Freeze) can be used in tandem with other firearms to make progress, as long as the kills are made during the bolt effect's duration.
    • Sneak kills on enemies blinded with Flash bolts don't count.
  • The achievement appears to be bugged and resets your progress after loading a save. The best spots to get this achievement are the last segment of Chapter 2 and the machine gun segment in Chapter 12. Both provide enough enemies to gain the achievement in one go, though in the latter you will need to get back on the machine gun periodically to get the next wave of enemies to spawn.