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The Flashlight is a usable piece of equipment in The Assignment, The Consequence and The Evil Within 2.


The Assignment & The Consequence

The Flashlight appears as a handheld battery-powered torch available to Juli Kidman during her journey to finding Leslie Withers and escaping Ruvik's twisted world. For all intents and purposes, the Flashlight serves as Juli's own version of the Lantern, granting her illumination in dark areas while also playing an important role in solving certain puzzles or revealing hidden items. For some unexplained reasons, the many enemies encountered by Juli ignore the Flashlight's beam entirely, allowing the player to explore their surroundings without hassle.

Unlike the Lantern, Juli could equip the Flashlight as an actual item, and could direct the beam using the game's aiming function to focus the light on an item of interest, causing them to eventually materialise and becoming interactable. Upon acquiring a weapon, Juli clips her Flashlight onto her belt the same way Sebastian Castellanos stows his Lantern, though it remains equippable when the need arises.

The Evil Within 2

Unlike in the first game, Sebastian starts the sequel with a Flashlight in his inventory, with a major change in that it is no longer an equippable item. Sebastian's new Flashlight is a small pocket model mounted onto his tactical harness that toggles on and off at the press of a button, freeing up his hands to perform other tasks such as wielding firearms or interacting with the environment.

Chemical Light

Chemical Lights are shake-activated tubes of chemlights obtainable at the beginning of The Consequence. When in use, these could be held in hand or thrown to light up an area, though their illumination capabilities are severely lacking. Thrown Chemical Lights also have a very limited lifetime, and will dim out after several seconds.

While the player has unlimited access to them, only six Chemical Lights can be active at a time, not counting the one in Juli's hand. As soon as the oldest light snuffs out, a new one can be thrown. Like the Flashlight, Chemical Lights do not alert enemies to Juli's presence, though careless throwing could still draw attention if the stick hits one.


The Assignment & The Consequence

  • In KURAYAMI mode, the Flashlight and Chemical Lights are essential to survival, as the environment is shrouded in complete darkness throughout the entire DLCs. As they are ignored by enemies, liberal use of them is encouraged.

The Evil Within 2

  • As above, enemies in The Evil Within 2 are not alerted to Sebastian's Flashlight shining in their faces.


Fumbling in the Dark.png Fumbling in the Dark
20 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Turn on the generator using no more than 10 chemical lights.
This is a Secret achievement.


  • The Chemical Light sticks usable in-game have unrealistically short life times. A typical commercial glow stick can last up to half a day under normal conditions, and special-use variations twice as long.
    • Kidman never seems to break the chemical tubes when using the glow sticks. This in reality would prevent the chemicals from mixing and illuminate.