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"This odd weapon can be used to quickly fill an area with flaming liquid. It is heavy and cumbersome enough to restrict movement. Fuel will be loaded into the Flamethrower immediately upon crafting."
―Inventory description.

The Flamethrower is a heavy weapon found in The Evil Within 2.

It is the primary weapon of Harbingers and can be recovered, in a broken state, after the first one is fought as a boss in Chapter 11. After this Sebastian must kill two further Harbingers in free roam out in Union in order to recover parts to repair it.


The Flamethrower is a late-game heavy weapon, capable of spraying a large area in front of Sebastian Castellanos with fire that kills off most lesser enemies in very short order, and continually staggers those who haven't died yet until they do. It is capable of great damage-per-second, and has virtually no recoil. It only has this mode of fire, lacking the ability to shoot fireballs as Harbingers can do with their flamethrowers.

That being said, the Flamethrower has many flaws. It is very heavy for starters, slowing Sebastian down greatly when equipped which can be dangerous against faster foes, and must be manually stowed onto his back with an easily-interrupted animation that forces him to do it again and again unless the player moves. Secondly, while its DPS potential is great, individual spurts of fire with the Flamethrower are only fractionally stronger than single shots from the Revolver, requiring a fair amount of fuel to be spent in order to actually do anything of note: against a single enemy, almost any other weapon will be more effective. Lastly, Flamethrower fuel canisters are exceedingly rare, being found only on dead Harbingers or crafted, the latter at a rate of just 1 fuel per Gunpowder even when crafting on a Bench.



  • Great DPS
  • Large "magazine" capacity
  • Excellent crowd-control capability
  • Can directly damage and defeat Laura


  • Heavy weight restricts movement when equipped
  • Burns through ammo very quickly
  • Crafting ammo is the most inefficient use of Gunpowder in the game
  • Short effective range
  • Does not stagger most bosses


  • Using the Flamethrower on Laura during the fight in Chapter 14 removes the need for stunning her and activating the fire traps and saves quite a lot of time running around. As Laura herself can be continuously staggered with the flame, hosing her down is for once a viable strategy, and requires 80 units of fuel to successfully drive her off.


I'll Take You Down Myself.jpg I'll Take You Down Myself
20 Gamerscore - This is a silver trophy.

Brought your own equipment to the barbecue this time.
Fight off Laura using a Flamethrower.


  • While most other weapons can be selected inside Safe Houses for automatic equipping upon re-entering Union, the Flamethrower is only selectable if Sebastian is not currently inside a safe zone.
  • Slain Harbingers drop the smaller fuel tanks used to feed Sebastian's own Flamethrower, despite that they do not visually carry these.