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Esmeralda Torres is a supporting character in The Evil Within 2. Torres is an agent of MOBIUS, and before that was a Black Ops demolition specialist.

Wracked with guilt from a prior classified mission, Torres joined up with Juli Kidman, Myra Hanson and Theodore Wallace in their plot to break out the Core from STEM and destroying MOBIUS from the inside.


Esmeralda has a pale brown complexion with beige/gray eyes and longer, black hair she keeps tied back.

She wears white combat pants, a blue cropped, v-neck t-shirt, black combat boots, she also wears a set of dog tags around her neck. As well as this she has a drop leg holder for her pistol and a harness to carry magazines for her rifle, black elbow pads and a single knee pad on her right leg.


Despite the nature of her employment, Torres is a very friendly and upbeat person, capable of maintaining her cool even in the heat of battle. She appears to be highly trusting of Sebastian, and is the only member of Mobius to not treat him with open skepticism or hostility upon first meeting.

After the revelation of her involvement with Lily's apparent death, she has shown to be deeply remorseful of her actions, and tries to the best of her abilities to make it up to Sebastian, even giving her life to protect him from a crowd of the Lost. Despite him being indirectly responsible for her death, however, Torres doesn't hold him accountable for it and passes away peacefully.


Being a former Demolition specialist, Torres has intimate knowledge on the use of plastic explosives, and has a sizable stockpile of them stocked in her Safe House. She is a formidable fighter as well, demonstrating respectable skills with firearms as well as hand-to-hand combat. She is, so far, the only individual shown to be capable of going toe-to-toe with a crowd of The Lost with just her fists and emerge victorious, as she was able to defeat them on her own despite her own gunshot wound and their numerical superiority.


Esmeralda was a former demolition specialist in Black Ops. For some time, MOBIUS had keen interest in her skills as a soldier and when her term was up, hired her.

MOBIUS had tasked Torres at one point to conduct a classified mission on their behalf. This mission was to kidnap Lily Castellanos from her home for their own agenda. She did so and burned down the house to hide any traces of her involvement. This mission would continue to hang over her conscience for many years.

The Evil Within 2

Sebastian Castellanos meets agent Torres after being banished from the hideout of Father Theodore. After fighting off against hordes of The Lost and Spawns together, Torres explains she was part of a sabotage plot against MOBIUS, sent in by Juli Kidman in case their secret plans to rescue Lily Castellanos went wrong. Torres had no idea Theodore Wallace went rogue and was the mastermind behind the recent disaster until Sebastian clued her in.

The pair then traveled to Torres' hideout in the Union Nature Preserve. Once there she agrees to help him stop Father Theodore and once there she reveals that she is the one who burned down Sebastian's house and kidnapped Lily. Wracked with guilt over this, she decided to help Juli Kidman and Myra Hanson take down MOBIUS and rescue Lily from STEM.

She and Sebastian separates when he goes to check on Liam O'Neal who is not responding to his radio, but later appears with some explosives to destroy O'Neal's jammer, allowing the two of them to assault his stronghold. This backfires however, as Father Theodore causes Sebastian to suffer hallucinations involving Beacon Mental Hospital and his guilt over not rescuing his daughter from the fire. In a fit of rage Sebastian shoots at Father Theodore only to have to illusion shatter, revealing he has actually shot Torres in the stomach.

Bleeding out, Torres carries a barely conscious Sebastian back to Yukiko Hoffman's Safe house, but is ambushed by a pack of The Lost along the way. Running out of ammunition for her rifle, Torres draws her sidearm but is quickly overwhelmed. Barely surviving the attack, Torres and Sebastian finally made it back to safety. Despite Hoffman’s best efforts to heal her injuries, Torres succumbs to her wounds and passes away.

Sebastian and Hoffman briefly mourn Torres, with the latter revealing that it was Torres who was responsible for burning Sebastian’s house down and kidnapping Lily in the process, though she was overwhelmed with guilt over her actions and sought to make amends by assisting Myra with her plan to break Lily out of STEM. Unable to bring himself to hate Torres for kidnapping his daughter, Sebastian takes her assault rifle and vows to kill Father Theodore for all the suffering he has caused.


  • Yukiko Hoffman states she was the one who completed Esmeralda's evaluation when she was being recruited by MOBIUS.
  • During the stealth section of Chapter 10, Torres will not be able to be detected by enemies as long as Sebastian remains undiscovered, even if she walks right into their field of view.


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