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"There is nothing down there! How can I be any more clear?!"
―Ernesto Victoriano lying to his wife about hiding his son

Ernesto Victoriano is a minor character in The Evil Within. He was the father of Ruvik and Laura, and the husband of Beatriz Victoriano.


Although not directly seen in game, his family portrait depicts him as a tall man with short blonde hair, traits he would pass along to his son, Ruben. He possessed facial hair, a medium length blonde beard with a mustache. Ernesto appears to have favored wearing a dark brown suit, golden brown waist-coat, white shirt and dark blue/gray neckerchief.


Not much is known about him in game, however he is scarcely referred to by Ruvik in audio logs, flashbacks and documents. According to his son, he was a proud but stern man. He was also very religious, and proven himself to be quite gullible to various scandals of the church. He was also very concerned with his family appearance as he was shown to do something awful to Ruben and Laura before the game.

After the Barn Fire

It's been shown that after the fire he was very determined to keep both his children a secret to society. It can be assumed that he was too embarrassed that his children were now burnt and unsightly to the eyes. So he locks his son Ruben in the basement and leaves his daughter Laura at the hospital without taking her home.

It's not known if he actually knew Laura was alive or not, but he told his son Ruben that she had died. He then kept Ruben in the basement for many years, keeping him a secret to everyone including his own wife. After this it shown years later that Ruben finally has enough of it and escapes. Ruben then, full of rage, kills both Ernesto and Beatriz in their bedroom.


Beatriz Victoriano

They are married and are the parents of Ruben and Laura. He tried to hide the fact that both of their children are alive after the fire. Saying that they are both dead, he hid their own son in the basement and abandoned Laura at a hospital where, she was said to be in a Vegetative state. It's seen, in a memory, with shadows rather then blue spirits, that Beatriz apparently has not been well after the fire. She has stopped eating because she became so grief-stricken about what happened. He's heard telling her to eat so she doesn't fall ill. She then asks why she can't go in the basement, saying that she can hear Ruben's voice down there, which he then reassures her that he is not in said basement.


Ernesto's relationship was described as being quite a strained one. The reasons for this were never explored however according to one of Ruvik's notes, it is implied that this was due to the closeness of his children. Despite this, the young Ruben held high respect towards his father and once thought of him as quite intelligent. After the blaze incident, their relationship was destroyed as Ernesto took to hiding his traumatized son in their family manor basement. They began having more conflicting perceptions, including religion, to which Ruben looked down upon his father for his hefty donations to the church despite the scandals in the media. Eventually, Ruben grew to loathe his own father deeply, resulting in him murdering both his parents in their bedroom.

Laura Victoriano

Although never seen interacting and the impliance of Ernesto knowing of his children's closeness, which causing strains in his relationship with Ruvik. It may also be implied that she may have been a safe border between her brother and father.