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Emily Lewis is a deceased character mentioned in The Evil Within 2.


At some point in the past, likely prior to the start of the series, Emily Lewis worked in Krimson City as a photographic model and aspiring actress.

During her short work tenure, she befriended her photographer Stefano Valentini, and struck up a publicly amicable relationship with him. Some undetermined time into their friendship, Stefano started giving her various fancy gifts of beautiful roses, seemingly at a whim. It is unknown why such was the case, though several clues found throughout the game suggests that Stefano had been secretly murdering women around Krimson City for some time, and was eyeing up Emily for his next "masterpiece". Indeed, Emily was found murdered shortly after this, decapitated and laid out in pose in a public corner of Krimson City Park. Her head was never recovered.

For a long time, the Krimson City Police Department was left confused and stuck in dead end after dead end, and in the end the case was never solved. When asked about the homicide, Stefano seemingly feigning sorrow and grief, responded that he was "At least[...]able to capture her essence forever before it was destroyed".

The Evil Within 2

Emily is mentioned in several documents found in the second game, along with various artistic depictions of her demise on display at the Union City Hall in an attempt to taunt Sebastian Castellanos.

Emily's dress and necklace are on display at Stefano's studio on the second floor of the City Hall.


  • Stefano moving past the lens.

    The newspaper article reporting her death was published on September 23, 2011.
  • During the puzzle where the player must take the photo of Emily's dress and necklace, if Sebastian takes too long on the camera without snapping a picture, a blurry figure will move across the screen, which is revealed to be Stefano upon slowing down gameplay footage.
  • As Sebastian makes his way through Stefano's gallery in the City Hall, he will come across an exhibition containing a disembodied mannequin head that, as it turns to face him, transforms into the bloody, screaming head that supposedly is Emily's.
    • While this is more than likely the case, the v-shape of the jawline does not match that of another painting of her found in the game, as that one depicts her with a more oblong head instead.