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The Effigy is a mini-boss encountered in The Evil Within 2.


The Effigy, like all creatures summoned by Myra Hanson, is comprised primarily of psychoplasm, a viscous, white substance. Its body form is quite similar to that of the Amalgam Alpha, carrying itself around on large arms, bearing six of them. Atop its body are two seemingly hollow fetus-like beings, the one on the left having its head fused into the body, while the one on the right has a vague, articulating torso. Both of its original arms are melded into its chest, forming a straightjacket. It can be presumed that each of them holds control over half of the others' arms. The creature's body structure is akin to a bridge, with the midsection bearing a pink, glowing growth that serves as its weak spot that can be shot for extra damage.

Perhaps the creature's most notable feature is the telephone pole driven through its body, with live wires dangling off of it that it can manipulate at will to harness its electrical power against its foes.


The Effigy appears in Chapter 15, summoned by Myra Hanson in an effort to impede the progress of her husband, Sebastian Castellanos. Wielding an electrical pole and using its enormous body mass as weapons, the Effigy battles Sebastian inside a closed arena, and even though it proves to be a formidable combatant, it is eventually felled and the barrier blocking the way forward is dropped.


The Effigy has several attacks which it employs against Sebastian during their fight. Up close, it will either attack using its massive hands to crush Sebastian, or swinging the power pole into the ground and creating a short-lived AoE that deals electrical damage when stepped on. If Sebastian keeps his distance, the Effigy may jump towards him, which will deal considerable damage if it connects and knocking him down, exposing him to further attacks.

To win the fight, the glowing weakspot on the creature's midsection must be destroyed. While the Effigy itself does not bother to cover this up, its constant charging can make it hard to target.


  • Use either Freeze or Explosive Warden Bolts for maximum effectiveness against the Effigy. Freezing the Effigy is simple enough, and can buy time for Sebastian to either make distance, heal and reload, or set more traps to lure it into.
    • Firing Explosive bolts directly at the Effigy isn't wise, however, due to its charging habit which makes it liable to catch Sebastian in the explosions as well. Instead, use them to lay down traps to lure it into, which it will never avoid due to its simple AI. Stopping to fire the bolts can be dangerous, so it would be advisable to instead shoot the mines in front of the player as they move about the arena so that the Effigy would run into them and blow up.
  • The Shotgun, Assault and Sniper Rifle are all decent alternatives to bursting the Effigy's weakspot manually, though great care must be exercised as standing still to aim can cause the creature to charge.

Death Animations

  • If the Effigy manages to grab Sebastian while he's low on health, the creature will hold him up and stare at him curiously for a moment before sparking electricity from its mounted electrical pole and shocking him to death.


  • As seen in a trailer, the Effigy was originally supposed to be fought in the ruined remains of Theodore Wallace's stronghold.
  • Another trailer shows the Effigy being fought on the Union streets.
  • In very early stages of the game's development, the Effigy was originally to appear as a similar but stationary creature called a "Generator", on account of it's original ability to spawn Albedo via expelling them outward from it's bodily mass in a sticky process. It appeared decidedly more amorphous in it's original design, with a more viscous appearance and only one discernible face located more towards the bottom than the top. Additionally, it lacked the massive limbs present in the final version that offer it mobility. It is unknown if it still possessed any electricity-based abilities, though no live wires are present.


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