The Evil Within Wiki

Several weapons included in the early development builds of The Evil Within did not make it to the final version of the game. Most or all traces of their existence can only be found by unpacking the game files.

Mine Trap

The Mine Trap was available for players to use during the beta build of the game. It works identically to a laid Explosive Bolt and is proximity-triggered.

As of the retail version of the game, Mine Traps are no longer usable, though hostile versions of these are still encountered occasionally throughout the game, however, disarming them now yields Trap Parts instead of functional units.

Little to no data on the Mine Trap can be found in the game files.


The icon file for a Camera weapon came up in the game files, suggesting that at one point the player was able to use one for some unspecified purpose.


Chemical flasks of various types were at one point planned to be usable by the player. According to their asset file names, these used to fill the same role as the many bolt types of the Agony Crossbow, suggesting that the crossbow was invented to replace them and simplifying gameplay. Their visual design also imply that they were meant to be used as throwable Grenades.

Elemental grenades

As with the Chemical flasks, certain Agony bolt types were at one point throwable grenades, with a total of three types available to the player: Freeze, Light (possibly Flashbang) and Shock.

The Light grenade model and icon were later modified into those of Incendiary Bolts.


The icons for several additional Syringe types can be found in the game files with highly ambiguous names describing the coloration of the fluid they contain rather than their actual purposes, though they were possibly meant for offensive use given their "weapon_" prefix.


The icon file for a Derringer pistol exists in the game's files. Due to the style of the icon depicting a flat image instead of a rendered item, it was presumably meant for use in either The Assignment or The Consequence, as the inventory is accessible in neither of them, thus removing the need for actual preview pictures.