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New to the series is The Evil Within 2's Crafting mechanic, which allows Sebastian Castellanos to produce helpful items, supplies, or even weapons by combining specific types of ingredients together.


Crafting is done either on the fly or at a Bench. While the former is undeniably faster to do, it tacks on an additional ~33% component cost to craft anything, and weapons cannot be created/upgraded on the field.

The craftable supplies are divided into three distinct categories: Ammo and Weapons, Warden Bolts and Medical, each having their own set of unique ingredients. An ammo type becomes available to craft as soon as its corresponding weapon is found with the exception of Warden Bolts, which require Sebastian to discover a specific bolt type first before it can be created.

Crafting Ingredients

Crafting Parts

By the time of The Evil Within 2, Green Gel is no longer spent to upgrade weapons. Instead Crafting Parts and their High-grade variants are used. Normal crafting parts are very common later on and are spent in large quantities to upgrade anything, while High-grade parts are spent on unlocking upgrade tiers only.

As weapon upgrading is disabled on Classic difficulty, these will understandably not spawn.


Components are common articles of scraps that can be found pretty much everywhere within Union, and Safe Houses tend to have some. Some of these components will only spawn once their related craftables have been discovered, most of which are bolt parts.

CraftParts Gunpowder.png


"An explosive mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal, used in shells and cartridges. 12 centuries old and still just as effective."
―Inventory description

Used to craft standard ammo.

CraftParts Herb.png


"A naturally-occuring plant with medicinal properties."
―Inventory description

Used to craft Syringes & Medical Kits.

CraftParts Fuse.png


"A small, block-type fuse from an electric junction box. It cannot, unfortunately, be used to repair broken fuse boxes."
―Inventory description

Used to craft Warden Shock Bolts.

CraftParts Nails.png


"These long stainless steel nails are the kind typically used in construction. They make great shrapnel."
―Inventory description

Used to craft Warden Explosive Bolts.

CraftParts Smoke.png

Smoke Powder

"This dry powder emits a plume of smoke when exposed to flames."
―Inventory description

Used to craft Warden Smoke Bolts.

CraftParts Pipe.png

Metal Pipe

"A chunk of steel pipe with some rust on the ends. Not worth much as a cudgel. Besides, you've got guns!"
―Inventory description

Used to craft Warden Harpoon Bolts.

CraftParts Condenser.png


"This portable condenser unit is used in laboratories to cool gasses and condense them into liquids."
―Inventory description

Used to craft Warden Freeze Bolts.



Specific parts are only used to craft or repair certain items.

  • Sniper Rifle Body: Found on the roof of the closest building to the right of the Union Visitor's Center. It is guarded by a single Lost and is found next to a dead MOBIUS soldier with the communicator containing the location of the remaining parts.
  • Sniper Rifle Barrel: Found in a shed on the northwestern end of the residential area in the same chapter. It is guarded by a Lament and multiple Losts.
  • Flamethrower Body: Retrieved from Liam O'Neal's dead body in Chapter 11. Unmissable.
  • Flamethrower Tanks: Found on dead Harbingers in Chapters 13 and 14. Two are needed to repair the Flamethrower, and additional ones can be collected for 99 units of fuel each.


Items Cost (Bench) Cost (Off-bench)
Weapons & Ammo
Handgun Bullets gunpowder x3 gunpowder x4
Shotgun Shells gunpowder x6 gunpowder x8
Sniper Rifle Cartridges gunpowder x8 gunpowder x11
Assault Rifle Cartridges gunpowder x2 gunpowder x3
Magnum Rounds gunpowder x9 gunpowder x13
Flamethrower Fuel gunpowder x2 gunpowder x3
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle Body x1, Sniper Rifle Barrel x1 N/A (Must be crafted at Bench)
Flamethrower Flamethrower Body x1, Flamethrower Tanks x2 N/A (Must be crafted at Bench)
Crossbow Bolts
Shock Bolt gunpowder x3, fuse x1 gunpowder x5, fuse x1
Smoke Bolt gunpowder x2, smoke x1 gunpowder x3, smoke x1
Explosive Bolt gunpowder x3, nail x1 gunpowder x5, nail x1
Harpoon Bolt pipe x1 pipe x2
Freeze Bolt gunpowder x3, condenser x1 gunpowder x5, condenser x1
Health & Recovery
Medical Syringe herb x3 herb x3
Medical Kit herb x5 herb x5



10 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Crafted something for the first time.
Handyman.jpg Handyman
10 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Crafted every type of item at least once.


Making Things a Little Easier.jpg Making Things a Little Easier
10 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Used your first High-Grade Weapon Parts.
Now You're Playing with Power.jpg Now You're Playing with Power
20 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Upgraded a weapon to Level 3.
They Never Even Stood A Chance.jpg They Never Even Stood A Chance
20 Gamerscore - This is a silver trophy.

Completely upgraded all weapons.
A Little Extra Kick to it.jpg A Little Extra Kick to it
20 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Upgraded one of your Warden Crossbow bolts to max level.


  • The Crafting mechanics in The Evil Within 2 seems to depict the act in a very streamlined and simplified manner, as Sebastian can cobble together useful resources despite only using the most basic components in their construction.
    • The most egregious examples are the ammunition recipes, as they don't require scrap metal to forge new casings despite the Workbenches having the facilities to do so. In fact, scrap metal isn't utilised at all in ammo crafting, being relegated to generic weapon upgrade parts instead.
    • Crafting Warden Bolts, possibly with the exception of Harpoon Bolts, also only requires the player to have the basic ingredients of the bolt tip, without actually needing to provide the components to craft the bolt bodies themselves.