The Evil Within Wiki

Due to being developed using the id Tech 5 engine, both The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 feature an in-built developer console mode where specific commands can be activated to grant certain effects.

Enabling the Console

In order to enable the console for either game, a specific command line must be added to the launch options.

  • For Steam editions: right click the game from within the Steam library, select Properties and type "+com_allowconsole 1" without quotations into Set Launch Options.
  • For non-Steam editions: create a shortcut to the game executable, then right click it to view Properties and add "+com_allowconsole 1" (again without quotations) to the Target line.

Then, press the Insert key while in-game to call up the console and enter the below commands.

Console commands

The Evil Within

  • r_swapinterval <value> - Modifies the game's framerate lock.
    • Default value is -2 (30fps), can accept values from -1 (60fps) to 0 (no cap). Playing at r_swapinterval 0 can cause many issues that are not supported by Tango.
  • god - Enables God mode.
    • Sebastian and Juli cannot take damage while God mode is on. Enemies attacking the player will pass through them harmlessly, and certain bosses will not use their instant-kill moves on them (e.g. Laura will not pounce on Sebastian, and Shade will follow Juli around without biting her). Getting hit on AKUMU will not result in death, again with several exceptions, as noted below.
    • Does not protect Juli from the stunning effects of Shade's spotlight.
    • Does not protect from most traps when playing on AKUMU with the exception of Mines.
    • Does not protect from being grappled by certain enemies on AKUMU.
    • Does not prevent death from failing certain quick-time events and/or being caught during chase segments.
    • Does not affect Joseph Oda where relevant, and he will still take damage if struck.
  • noclip - Enables/disables clipping.
    • Allows Sebastian to move through walls, objects and enemies.
  • g_infiniteammo <value> - Toggles unlimited ammo.
    • Accepts values of 0 (off) and 1 (on).
    • Does not affect Matches, and reloading weapons after enabling will still deduct rounds from the player's reserve. Will only work on weapons with at least one round of ammo in stock.
    • Juli and Sebastian can use Bottles and Axes infinitely when toggled on.
  • g_stoptime <value> - Stops all dynamic entities on the map.
    • Accepts values of 0 (off) and 1 (on)
  • toggledebugcamera - Separates the camera from Sebastian and fixes it in place until disabled.
  • r_forceaspectratio <value> - Forces the game to render at the specified aspect ratio.
    • Default value is 2.5, and 0 is fullscreen, though will cause aiming issues due to Sebastian's body taking up a large portion of the screen.
  • com_showfps - Displays the game's in-built framerate counter.
  • startslowmotion2 - Enables slow-mo mode
  • stopslowmotion - Disables slow-mo mode

The Evil Within 2

  • cvaradd g_infiniteammo <value> - Toggles unlimited ammo on and off.
    • Accepts values of 0 (off) and 1 (on).
  • pl_fps <value> - Switches the game to first-person view and back.
    • Accepts values of 0 (off) and 1 (on).
    • Command is automatically enabled during the gas tunnel sequence in Chapter 4.
    • Weapon animations are buggy in first-person mode.
  • devmapjump <stage value> - Skips the game to certain stages.
    • Possible stage values are st01_main (starts story), st02_main and st03_main which deposits the player into Chapter 15.
    • Skipping stages also resets all skill and weapon upgrades.
  • giveunlock - Adds all key items to the player's inventory.
  • removeunlock - Removes all key items from the player's inventory.
  • listcmds * - Lists all available console commands.
    • Use listcmds safe to reveal commands that do not enable Cheat Mode.
  • find <value> - Find a model, entity, map or command.
    • Accepts whole strings or letters from A-Z as possible values, and will list every single entry starting with the chosen letter.


The Evil Within

  • Certain commands in The Evil Within will need to be reinput every time a new chapter loads, or the player chooses to play a new mode. These include, but are not limited to, god mode, infinite ammo, stop time, and noclip.
  • Using console commands do not void achievement progress, despite some being ostensibly cheats.

The Evil Within 2

  • Enabling certain console commands for The Evil Within 2 activates Cheat Mode that disables achievements until toggled off and restarting the game. Saving the game with any of the toggle commands on will permanently disable achievements for that particular save.
    • First-person mode is now fully-integrated into the game as a gameplay option, therefore removing the need for a console command.