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The Coffee Maker is a healing item in The Evil Within 2.


Several Coffee Makers can be found throughout Union and provide an instant health refill when used, presented as Sebastian Castellanos taking a short break from combat to relax with a cup of hot drink.

Once used, a Coffee Maker will take a while to brew more coffee, indicated by a series of lights on the front of the machine. Normally all green, a used Coffee Maker will display a row of orange blinking lights that slowly fill back to full one by one, before changing back to the default color, indicating that it could be interacted with again. 


The Safe Houses around Union have one Coffee Maker each.


Caffeine Addict.jpg Caffeine Addict
20 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Used every Coffee Maker at least once.


  • While using the slide projector, drinking the coffee next to Sebastian will heal him.
  • The game has a separate counter that tracks the number of coffee breaks taken, viewable in the Communicator menu.