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"Inside the abandoned village, Sebastian meets up with Dr. Jimenez and they head further into the village."
―Chapter description.

Claws of the Horde is the third chapter of The Evil Within.


After jumping off the bridge to escape from the pursuing horde, Sebastian Castellanos emerges from the river below and finds himself in another section of Elk River Village, where he runs into Dr. Marcelo Jimenez, who were following after Leslie Withers but finding himself surrounded by The Haunted. As Jimenez causes a distraction, Sebastian proceeds further into the village square only to find the exit gate locked tight and, to make matters more difficult, the Sadist nearby as well. With little choice, Sebastian opts to battle the killer. He eventually wins, and is awarded with a Chainsaw for his troubles, which he uses to cut the chain holding the exit gate closed. Dr. Jimenez then catches up to and implores him to escort him to the nearby hospice where his brother works to continue their search for Leslie.


Approaching the Village

As soon as control is regained, walk up to the table in front of Sebastian to find a Syringe. Afterwards, follow the path up the stair to find a box of Matches next to a pile of bodies, which must be burned to proceed. Exit through the door at the top of the staircase to enter the village area.

Upper Village

As soon as Sebastian enters the upper village area, the door will crumble behind him. Now, the area ahead is very open and suspiciously empty, but don't be fooled! There is a spike trap hidden just past the overpass that will slam down and kill Sebastian instantly if he tries to run past it. Instead, go right and enter through the door to find a Safe Haven door and the [ ★ JOURNAL OF SEBASTIAN CASTELLANOS - DECEMBER 2004 ] on a counter just past it, as well as the chapter's sole [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ], on the floor of the room. Take some time here to visit the Haven to save and collect the [ ★ OSCAR ] missing persons poster and [ ★ SERIAL KILLINGS CONTINUE ] newspaper article. Provided the player has at least one Key, an additional cinematic will play when approaching Nurse Tatiana, in which she will lead Sebastian into the back room where several rows of safes are located, which can be opened for some supplies. It is important that the player witnesses this scene as soon as possible, as it will come in handy in a later chapter. Return through the mirror when done to proceed.

Leave the Safe Haven for now and head left, but be mindful of the two Mine Traps in the next room, which can be disarmed at the player's discretion to gain some Trap Parts, which will come in handy later on. Otherwise just shoot them, or toss a Bottle in to blow them up safely. Go up the stairs and walk towards the opening at the far side to find some breakable boxes and loot, then cross over to the next house to trigger a scene.


Doppelgangers will start appearing here while playing on Nightmare or AKUMU.

As the scene ends, move Sebastian to the right and work the crank handle to lift the trapped doors mentioned earlier. Although Dr. Jimenez have lured away some of them, there are still quite a few Haunted nearby, who will soon begin assaulting the house Sebastian is in. Back away from the balcony and head left, the Haunted should be making their way inside by now, so take them out, but be sure to check the rooms for loot. There is also a tripwire out in the next hall, so disarm that for some Trap Parts, then head downstairs. There is an Axe planted into the column here, so grab it if needed, then head through the doorway to find two rooms, one to the left and one in front. The left room has a burnable corpse and some minor loot, while the other one has a mine trap and a window leading outside to a trapped chest, which could also be disarmed to earn parts and some resources. Go through the window and around the house to reach the outer yard. Walk up to the tall windmill here and look up to spot a goddess statue, which can be shot to yield a [ ★ KEY ], then sneak into the house on the right of the yard while avoiding the Haunted and bear traps around the mill. There is an Agony Crossbow inside next to the dining table and may or may not be a Haunted nearby, so sneak through the trapped entry hall or the windows to get the drop on them. Deal with them as appropriate, then head upstairs, take out the other Haunted here and enter the nearby room to reunite with Jimenez. There is a Shotgun here to collect, and make sure to give the [ ★ EXPERIMENT NO. 4 ] audio tape a play, which should be on the couch nearby. Before leaving the house, peek through the window and take out the Haunted with the Sniper Rifle to make things easier later on.

When done, head outside through the door and look at the pile of logs nearby for a statue containing a [ ★ KEY ], then look up at the wires connecting the two buildings for another [ ★ KEY ]. Check the other house for some resource as well.


The Agony Crossbow could be found here instead if the first one was missed/skipped, otherwise there will be spare bolts where it should be.

Lastly, give the barn a thorough search as well. The Sadist inside is chained up and harmless until Sebastian investigates the exit gate, so feel free to take one's time, though there are traps and some Haunted lurking around as well, so be vigilant. Climb the ladder up to the second floor of the barn to find some loot, then take the other ladder at the end of the corridor up to the top where another [ ★ KEY ] can be found along with some ammo, Green Gel and trap parts.

Once everything's done, head up to the exit gate and inspect the chain to trigger the Sadist.

Boss Fight: Sadist

Head back into the barn again and the Sadist will break free. He's reasonably tough and fast for someone his size, so use the Shotgun against him if possible. Otherwise, be clever with the pre-laid traps and Explosive bolts to damage him. If going for the Knife Beats Chainsaw achievement, be sure to use Flash bolts after weakening him to open him up for a Stealth Kill.

There are many closets and beds in the nearby houses to hide in, but be sure to do so when the Sadist is not around or he will detect and instantly kill Sebastian. Once he falls, grab his [ ★ CHAINSAW ] to open the gate later. Check the area where he used to be chained up for a chest with some loot, then interact with the gate chain to leave the area and end the chapter.



Missing Person Posters

Personal Documents

Audio Tapes

Map Fragments


New Equipments




  • While playing on a New Game+, a secret in this map can be triggered to earn a large amount of Green Gel. After defeating the Sadist but before opening the gate with his Chainsaw, climb up the ladder leading up to a small room at the top of the barn with a statue containing a key and look out the window to see a crow. Shoot this crow to trigger a short cutscene where five additional ones appear around the area. A hidden 2-minute timer will immediately begin counting down, and killing all five crows before it expires will spawn a pool of Green Gel 100,000 at the final gate.
  • The Doppelgangers make their first appearance in this chapter when playing on Nightmare & AKUMU, though they receive no cutscene introducing their presence.


Weapon of Choice.jpg Weapon of Choice
20 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Defeat the Sadist within the village.
This is a Secret achievement.


  • Taking place in a rather small village square, this is the shortest chapter of the game.



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