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The Castellanos House is the residence of Sebastian Castellanos, his wife Myra Hanson and their daughter Lily. The house was burned down in a housefire some years prior to the start of the series.


The Castellanos residence is a two-story house of medium size, likely located somewhere in the outskirts of Krimson City. It is surrounded by a large front lawn with a swing set, and a path leading from the porch to the street outside.

Much of the ground floor is dedicated to the inter-connected living room and kitchen, where several bookshelves containing the family's memorabilia and photographs can be found, along with several closets. The second floor consists of two bedrooms, one for Sebastian and Myra, and one of Lily's, alongside a small study where Sebastian keeps his documents and case files.


It was never revealed if the house was Sebastian's own prior to his marriage, of if he and Myra bought it together after their union. Regardless, it was destroyed in a housefire at one point prior to the start of the series, which presumably claimed the lives of Lily and her nanny, Juanita Flores. While Sebastian was wracked with guilt and denial, Myra believed the fire was caused by another party, to create a diversion in order to kidnap their daughter. The couple presumably lived elsewhere after the incident, while the old house is mentioned every now and then.

During the course of The Evil Within 2, Sebastian has several flashbacks and nightmare sequences of the incident, along with several sights of the house in fragments used by Theodore Wallace to try and break his will. At the climax of the story, Sebastian finds himself stranded in a vast, snow-bound location seemingly devoid of life, with a replication of his old home sitting atop a distant hill, which was created by a corrupted Myra in order to keep both her and Lily safe inside STEM, where no harm could come to either of them. This replica was presumably destroyed after Union destabilises at the conclusion of the plot.


  • Upon completion of Classic mode, the player is presented with an image of Sebastian and Lily living together in what appears to be a recreation of their old home.