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"A creature born from the bloated core of a dead Haunted, the Cadaver is blind and uses sound to zero in on its prey."
―Model viewer description.

The Cadaver is a new type of enemy encountered by Juli Kidman in The Assignment and The Consequence. The Keeper optionally does battle with them as well during his journey through the Victoriano Manor in The Executioner.


Cadavers are formed from specific Haunted with boils around their body. Upon being struck down with enough damage, these special Haunted will transform into their next stage if ignored.

A Cadaver is formed with its body upright and its limbs bent down backwards to serve as rudimentary legs, while the explosive pustules on the former Haunted's body are shifted into a large, pulsating mass on the creature's stomach. Its ribcage is broken up and juts out from the Cadaver's torso, which it uses as an inescapable vise to restrain its quarry as it blows up in a spectacular display of mutual destruction.


Cadavers are effectively blind, but they make up for this by being especially receptive to noises. Upon hearing a sound, a Cadaver will enter "aggro" mode and turn red as it goes to investigate the source of the noise. If it doesn't bump into Kidman, the Cadaver will "calm down" after a while and resume its usual patrol pattern. In that sense, Cadavers serve more as area-denial landmines more than anything else, since some of them will be blocking the way towards objectives and must be lured away with bottles in order to proceed.

Cadavers encountered during The Executioner are always aggressive, as are several scripted ones during Kidman's trek through Beacon Mental Hospital.

Death Animations

  • If an aggressive Cadaver catches up to Juli, it will latch onto her with its ribs before proceeding to blow both of them to bits. This can also happen if Juli bumps into an non-aggressive one.


Death Grip.jpg Death Grip
15 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Get a Cadaver to grab and kill a Haunted.


  • "Cadaver" is Latin for "corpse".
  • The Art of The Evil Within reveals that Cadaver was originally planned to appear in the main game under a different name. It was initially known as The Bridge, and was originally one of a tiny handful of enemies that must be burned to kill. In this iteration, the Bridge could only self-detonate if Sebastian neglected to burn away its original corpse.
  • Juli was originally planned to face off against a pack of Cadaver-Sentinel hybrids in The Assignment.