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Business District is a location found in The Evil Within 2.


The Business District in Union serves mostly as an area where a lot of public business and industries take place.


Post Plus

The area around where Sebastian enters the Business District from The Marrow. A shed can be found nearby containing a Full-Barreled Shotgun. Although, it requires a key to open which can be found near a Mobius APC. A Lament and a few Lost enemies guard this area.

Juke Diner

A family diner located near a set of train tracks. This is also the location where the second encounter with Anima takes place during Chapter 7.

Sanctuary Hotel

Where one of Stefano's artworks is located in Chapter 7 as well as the location where Sebastian and Hoffman meet to discuss breaching Theodore's stronghold in Chapter 13.

Devil's Own Taproom

A bar located across from the Juke Diner. This is also where one of Stefano's artworks is located during Chapter 7.

Syke's Safe House

Where Julian Sykes can be found in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 if Sebastian helps him during the side quest Out in the Open. The safe house consists of a warehouse where an entrance to The Marrow: Experimental Wing can be accessible via a terminal only available in Chapter 13. A mirror and a coffee make can be found in here as well.

Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre consists of a theatre where citizens could go to watch acts. During the events of the game, Stefano uses the Grand Theatre as a display gallery.

The Evil Within 2

Chapter 7: Lust for Art

Sebastian comes across the Business District to reach the Theatre where Stefano is holed up with Lily. Attempting to enter the Theatre, Stefano hinders Sebastian's progress with two pictures of his artwork hanged up on a fenced gate in front of the entrance.

Using Hoffman's theory, Sebastian must destroy both his artworks. Stabbing his artworks will send him into a dimension where he must find keys to open the gate. One of the artworks located in Devil's Own Taproom will summon several Lost enemies once the key is obtained. Another one of the artworks is located in the Sanctuary Hotel, in which entering the artwork will summon Obscura who will patrol the halls.

Once the keys in either dimension is used to unlock the gates in the small rooms with the artworks themselves, Sebastian must carefully make his way to the artwork without touching the electric wires laid across the room. Destroying them will send him back into Union. Once they are both destroyed, the barbed wire in front of the Theatre will disappear.

Chapter 13: Stronghold

Sebastian will return in this area once Theodore's hideout is revealed to be inside a stronghold in the centre of the town, surrounded by layers of fire seemingly impossible to traverse alive.

Yukiko Hoffman devises a plan to get in Theodore's stronghold. However, Sebastian must meet her in the Sanctuary Hotel which is closest to the stronghold. She uses parts she found in the fabrication room in the Restricted Labs to build a machine making a force field bigger than the radius of a safe house for the user.

Sebastian must defend Hoffman as they breach Theodore's stronghold from the several Disciples that attack them to hinder their progress. However, approaching the stronghold, the machine breaks and Hoffman sacrifices herself, so Sebastian can enter the stronghold.

Chapter 15: The End of this World

After defeating Theodore Wallace, Sebastian must follow Myra Hanson through the remains of Union as it collapses from her powers, who prevents Sebastian from taking Lily, despite being in a relationship with Sebastian.

In order to hinder Sebastian progress, she blocks her tracks with a gate along with several Albedo and Effigy, summoned by her abilities. Once Sebastian and Myra reunite with each other face to face, Myra creates an environmental disaster leading into Limbo, where Lily is holed up in the Castellanos house.


The Business District, as stated by the name, consists of several businesses and restaurants, as well as multiple public places such as the Sanctuary Hotel and the Grand Theatre. As of Chapter 13, some of these buildings seem to be destroyed, most likely due to the patrolling Disciples and Harbingers.