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Blow Up the Playing Field is an achievement in The Evil Within.


This achievement is simple and straightforward to unlock. As it requires making kills with the Rocket Launcher, it can only be attempted during a New Game+. Getting these 10 kills should be no problem considering the launcher's high damage and big splash, though one must be careful not to spend rockets too recklessly as its ammo cannot be replenished.

Blowing up enemies under the effects of Flash, Shock, Freeze, Poison or Flame Agony Crossbow bolts do not count towards the achievement's progress.


  • Save the launcher for large mobs to maximize its mileage and make the most out of the 21 rounds it comes with. Try to herd large mobs of enemies into a chokepoint to inflict the most damage per shot.
    • Combat-heavy sequences like Chapter 6 come to mind due to the large amount of basic enemies in them, though caution must be exercised when firing the launcher indoors to avoid being caught in one's own rocket blasts.
  • Although firing upon enemies affected by Agony bolts won't count towards the achievement progress, several bolt types (e.g. Freeze and Flash) can be useful in herding and organizing large clumps of enemies while giving the player ample time to retreat to a safe distance. Simply fire upon the mob upon the bolt effects wearing off to score several kills at once.
  • It would be wise to run around and grab the attention of as many enemies as possible before rounding them up and killing them all with a single shot. Obviously, this tactic does not work as well in the presence of more powerful foes.