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The Black Cat is a companion found in The Assignment and The Consequence, as well as The Evil Within 2.


The titular Black Cat is a jet black feline encountered only within STEM space. The cat wears a red collar, and appears friendly towards Juli Kidman and later Sebastian Castellanos during their journey, though it seems to take a much better shine towards the former than it does the latter, as Sebastian shows little interest in petting it or playing with it.

The Black Cat usually appears near or on its beloved leather couch, which Juli could sit on to pet it as a mechanic for saving progress.

The Evil Within

The Black Cat is only encountered during the course of The Assignment and The Consequence, usually as a guide or an indicator of a nearby save station. Sitting down on the cat's leather couch allows the player to save their progress while Juli plays with it in a rare moment of relaxation within STEM space.

The Evil Within 2

The Black Cat is found near the slide projector in Sebastian's Room. It accompanies him through his talks with Juli, and rewards him with Green Gel after each new photographic slide is viewed. It will occasionally wander in front of the projector as he views the slides, prompting him to lightly shoo it away.

Once Sebastian entered Limbo, upon returning to the Room the Black Cat can be found sleeping on its desk next to the now-unplugged projector, and can no longer be interacted with. By the time Sebastian and Lily reach the room for the final time during STEM's collapse, the Black Cat is nowhere to be seen, having presumably escaped.


  • TEW2 Classic Clear.jpg
    The Black Cat's appearance within STEM was likely a manifestation of Juli Kidman's love for cats.
    • Sure enough, the cat seems to act as her STEM persona in the sequel, and is the namesake for her MOBIUS sabotaging program used at the climax of the game.
  • Completing The Evil Within 2 on Classic mode presents the player with an end screen showing Sebastian and Lily playing with a very similar cat in their new home. The only visual difference between this cat and the STEM one is the blue collar it wears along with it's white tail tip.


The Evil Within

The Evil Within 2