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Behind the Curtain is the Fourth chapter of The Evil Within 2.


North Safe House

In order to reach City Hall, you must access The Marrow via a computer in the North Safe House. Head outside and turn left on the street from the safe house, make a right at the Krimson Market and continue forward until the street intersects. Then, turn a right and go a short distance to reach the safe house.

A shock bolt from the crossbow is required to open the gate to the safe house. Be aware as the area is guarded by several Lost including a Lament. Either sneak around them or kill them, there is a residual memory inside the garage next to the door to the safe house. Tuning into the memory will trigger a Lost enemy to attack you afterwards. Kill the Lost and enter the safe house.

Once inside the safe house, grab the file Report #00122 sitting on the counter. Then use the computer to access The Marrow: Operations.

The Marrow: Operations

You'll find yourself in a supply room. Grab the loot in the room, then head outside the double doors. Go straight down the hallway and enter the double doors on your left. You will find yourself in a room with a model of Union encased in glass. There is a computer containing file Email - Union Growth in the area. Go up the stairs on your left to find yourself in a room with servers. Search the dead MOBIUS operative next to an air duct for some crafting materials, then crawl through the air duct to reach the other side of the jammed door. You can use the shock bolt to open the door leading back to the beginning if you wish to backtrack a little.

Go through the large door on your right to find yourself in a two-story room. Be wary as several Lost can be found in the area playing dead. Shoot them in the head to kill them, then head down the stairs to find a door with a waveform puzzle. Once you solve it, several Lost will attack you. Kill the enemies in the area, then go up the ladder next to the door and head inside the room to find a dead MOBIUS operative with a crossbow ammo pouch.

Head through the door you opened earlier and into the next room. Use a melee attack to destroy the lock on the metal gate in front of you. Make a right in the next area to find a panel with a green light. Pull the switch to drain the area below, then climb into the pit using the ladder in front of where you came from. On the other side is another ladder. Instead of going up it, look right to the left of the ladder to find a dead MOBIUS operative with some shotgun shells you can take. Take them, then go up the ladder. Once you're at the top, run around the corner to find another lever. Pull it to create a bridge across the pit if you wish to backtrack. Go through the door to the left to find the gas leak O'Neal mentioned.

Access Tunnels

Once you enter the gas leak area, the game goes to a first-person perspective and Sebastian cannot use any firearms, especially the crossbow meaning Sebastian will have to rely on stealth and melee for a short while.

As you enter, there is a single Lost in front of you. Crouch and sneak up to it to score an easy kill. Continue forward till you reach a dead end, then go down the stairs on your left and crouch through the partially boarded-up doorway.

Continue to the left past the partially boarded-up doorway to find a door on your right. However, it's locked, but you can see a string of red lights going down the hall on the right. If you look to your left opposite of the red lights, there is a narrow hallway. Follow it until you reach a dead end to find a small statue with a locker key on top of the yellow barrel. Turn around and slowly sneak past the Lament patrolling the area. Sneak kill it if possible. Be careful while doing so, as being grabbed by it will instantly result in death. Follow the red lights down the corridor until you reach a dead end then turn right into a room with a switch flipping puzzle. Flip switches one, two and four to unlock the door and backtrack to the now-opened door and go up the ladder that will take you out of the gas leak.

Getting back into Union

Once you climb up to the top of the ladder, loot the materials and syringe before checking out the computer for Email - Expansion and Data Growth. Go through the open door and climb the stairs through an open door. At the end of the catwalk is another door. However, turn left and go up a short flight of stairs to find a door around the corner. Go in the room to find a MOBIUS supply crate. Loot the room, then enter the door at the end of the hall the way you came.

Go around the corner in the next area to find a resonance point and tune into it with your communicator. Then, go back towards the door and crawl through an air duct to make your way to the other side of the room. Look to your left to find an arrow and follow it until to see a door labeled "Exit B2" which will take you to City Hall. Head inside the room and use the computer to get back into Union.

You'll enter a room containing a save point and a coffee maker, along with a mirror in the small room to your right. Save and refill on health if you need to. When you're ready, climb up the ladder and open the door on your right. Follow the curve of the road to your left until you reach City Hall. A short cutscene will play, marking the end of the chapter.


  • Behind the Curtain


  • Sebastian Castellanos



  • Report #00122
  • Email - Union Growth
  • Email - Expansion Data and Growth


  • Warden Crossbow Ammo Pouch


  • The Lost
  • Hysteric
  • Lament



  • The map in the encased glass in The Marrow is the only time the player has a view of Union before it suddenly destabilized.
  • The MOBIUS operative from the residual memory says that he left his respirator on the other side of the gas leak. At the end of Chapter 3, O'Neal somehow recovered a respirator and gave it to Sebastian so he could make it to City Hall safely, meaning that Sebastian's gas mask was once owned by the dead MOBIUS operative.
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