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Beacon Mental Hospital is a key location of The Evil Within. A facility for the depraved and psychologically ill, Beacon holds a dark history.

Beacon Mental Hospital lies at the heart of Krimson City. It has accepted many patients over the years, but only a handful were able to leave the madhouse.

Civilians only hear rumors of the occult, as no one knows what is really happening in the institute.


Beacon Mental Hospital is a facility intended to care for the psychologically disabled, or so it was. With the Chief of Staff, Marcelo Jimenez joining MOBIUS, the facility then existed solely as a grounds for experiments at a level closest to the outside world. The hapless patients admitted to the hospital then served only as an expandable means of perfecting the STEM prototype being designed there, those who didn't die while connected losing what little mental capacity they retained beforehand. With the demise of Dr. Jiminez within STEM, it is unknown what became of the hospital, although distant memories of the traumatic experience linger in Sebastian's mind.

The building itself is massive, with a large exterior of enormous interconnecting buildings surrounding a courtyard. Though it is never seen in-game, the building is adjacent to a coastline, with a large beach. A large beacon, it's namesake, can be seen atop the tower in the front building.

The Evil Within

Chapter 1: An Emergency Call

While on patrol, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners, Joseph Oda and Juli Kidman, as well as fellow officer Oscar Connelly, recieve a call from dispatch that there was just an incident at the hospital. It is later revealed that the call was completely orchestrated by MOBIUS to bring them all within proximity to the STEM prototype that Jimenez had activated without their permission.

When they all arrive, Sebastian tells Connelly to wait by the patrol car and contact KCPD to let them know what's happening. The trio then heads through the parking lot to the entrance. Joseph goes on ahead while Sebastian has Kidman stand guard outside the door. As Sebastian steps through the doorway he sees that a mass murder has taken place, gored corpses of patients and staff alike scattered about the lobby. Joseph quickly finds Dr. Jimenez sitting in a closet nearby, dazed and confused. As Joseph tends to him, he advises Sebastian to check the security footage to see what it may have recorded.

To Sebastian's surprise, the live feed of a nearby hallway shows a mysterious hooded figure teleport and kill three fellow officer before his very eyes. Before Sebastian even has time to react, the man appears directly behind him and stabs him with an orbitoclast. Following this, Sebastian awakens in the Sadist's dungeon, though he quickly grabs a knife off a hanging corpse and cuts himself free. After acquiring a nearby set of keys, Sebastian slips away, ultimately triggering a tripwire that sets off an alarm, alerting the Sadist to Sebastian's location. Sebastian runs from the Sadist, who slashes his calf. Sebastian begins crawling away as the Sadist traps Sebastian in a cell filled with spinning blades.

Sebastian limps over to a hatch and drops through, landing in a pool of blood. After climbing out, Sebastian heads through a hallway and into a sewer-like area, where he collects a note left by a dead patient and climb a ladder near a few doors barred shut and covered in barbed wire.

When Sebastian reaches the top, he grabs a mysterious document recording the results of experiments and presses a button to open a door, continuing through the hospital. Hearing the Sadist once more, Sebastian hides in a locker, and witnesses the Sadist destroy several objects in the room while searching for him. After he leaves, Sebastian must sneak past him in an open room and make his way through the back. Once he does this, the Sadist bursts through the door and chases Sebastian over several wheelchairs and a gurney to an elevator. Sebastian makes it, the Sadist attempting to drive his chainsaw through the doors.  

When Sebastian makes it back to the main floor of the hospital he finds that the ceiling is crumbling and unstable, running through down the hallway, through the lobby and out the entrance. Sebastian finds Oscar starting up an ambulance, the city falling apart around them. Sebastian catches up and clibs in through the window, all the others besides Joseph holed up in the back. As they drive off, the hooded figure can be seen on the roof of the hospital, and once again in the side mirror of the ambulance.  

Chapter 4: The Patient

Later in the chapter, after fighting off an invisible Haunted and becoming separated from Dr. Jimenez and Leslie, Sebastian heads through a warped hospital area and eventually encounters Laura, whom he escapes from just in time.

Chapter 5: Inner Recesses

During the majority of this chapter, Sebastian will head through dank hospital corridors, skillfully dispatching numerous invisible Haunted, eventually finding and freeing Joseph. The two take out a horde of Haunted and disengage an iron door rigged with explosives. Shortly thereafter, Joseph suffers a momentary overtaking by the STEM system. His will is strong enough to combat it for a while, and he comes to. Afterwards, they evade an ambush by more of the Haunted and free Kidman, who is seemingly held hostage in a tank full of water. Thanks to Sebastian's steadfast actions and Joseph's knowledge of such devices, the two manage to save her in time. Almost immediately after, Laura reappears and separates them all from each other, caving in the floor. Sebastian jumps down and chases after them, eventually rushing to their aid as they fend off more Haunted. Their teamwork gets them all through another doorway, and Laura captures Sebastian. Once Sebastian catches up to her in a furnace room, he utilizes various flammable objects in the environment to defeat her.

Chapter 10: The Craftsman's Tools

After escaping the Trauma in Ruvik's basement, the Amalgam Alpha appears and teleports Sebastian to a hallway leading to a hospital area. Sebastian enters the room to once again find Laura, this time breathing heavily as she climbs along the fenced-in cage leading from the ceiling all the way to floors below. As Sebastian attempts to make his way through the hospital area, littered with wheelchairs, Laura burns a hole in the fencing and climbs through, beginning her pursuit after him once again. Sebastian runs through the enormous facility, progressively descending floor after floor as he fends her off. The two make their final showdown in the lowest level of the blast furnace, Sebastian shutting off all the switches while simultaneously keeping her at bay with fire, which pours out from the pipes. At the end, Sebastian must survive long enough as he waits for the fire blocking the elevators to clear up. Once it does, Sebastian makes a break for the elevator, Laura grabbing hold of him through the bars. Sebastian, the life being choked from him, slams his fist onto the button, the elevator chopping Laura's arms off as Sebastian ascends to the mansion. Sebastian never saw her again.

Chapter 15: An Evil Within

After escaping the subway station and defeating Quell, Ruvik chases Sebastian through a suspended subway, Sebastian somersaulting out the end, the ground below transforming into a hospital corridor before he lands. Sebastian and Leslie make their way through these halls, the two eventually becoming separated as the building collapses. Sebastian awakens on a large plateau of concrete over a cliff-side outside of the hospital, a mirage of Leslie appearing by some of the rubble. Sebastian heads back into the hospital where he started, through the closet, past the blood pool, through the sewers, and through one of the gates previously blocked off by barbed wire. Behind it is another doorway leading him into a secret facility owner by MOBIUS.

Sebastian heads past the machinery and up a spiral staircase, hearing Leslie's screams as Ruvik incapacitates him. Once he reaches the top, he collects some equipment and steps into an elevator, taking him higher up the tower. Sebastian now finds himself in the hallway from the security feed in the beginning, having one final conversation with Ivan, Ivan offering a cryptic bit of advice: "Watch out for his eye", before curling up on the ground and chuckling as he died mysteriously. Sebastian heads toward the final elevator at he end of the hallway, Ruvik once again teleporting and killing each of the police officers. Sebastian quickly pulls out him revolver, firing directly at Ruvik. Ruvik turns, instantly phasing in and out of corporeality, teleporting through the bullet and right to Sebastian, grabbing him by the throat, holding his hand with the revolver, looking right into Sebastian's eyes, grinning as he choked the life from him.

Sebastian, quickly thinking, grabbed his lantern and smashing it against Ruvik's chest, catching his cloak on fire. Ruvik drops Sebastian, his entire body now covered in his weakness. Ruvik screams and their eyes meet, teleporting Sebastian to a nightmarish arena covered in massive, gazing eyes and vine-like veins. The hospital can be seen in th background. Haunted begin pouring out from behind curtains and other entrances, and Sebastian must fight them all off.

After a varied final attack by all of the Haunted, fat ones, S.W.A.T. ones, iron masked ones, ones with blades for arms, and even a Ruvik Doppelganger, the Sadist emerges from the exit, making a final standoff against Sebastian, firing at him with a rocket launcher. Sebastian can take cover behind barricades of behind an eyeball on the platform up the ladder, firing back until he pulls out his chainsaw and charges at Sebastian. Sebastian defeats the Sadist once and for all, an continues through the doorway, killing the batch of Haunted, two wielding sniper rifles, the others throwing molotov cocktails. Sebastian takes them all out one by one and enters the massive doorway to the hospital. Sebastian treads over the floor, engulfed in brain, and drops down a square hole in the floor.

Sebastian lands in the a set of interconnecting rooms, gathering what supplies remain and disarming the various gruesome traps. As Sebastian steps into a glowing pit, The Keeper and a copy of himself stand guard for the vault door to the elevator. The pit fills with water, and Sebastian quickly unloads his magnum into each of them, ending the Keeper once and for all. Sebastian makes his way through the iron door and walks into the elevator, taking him all the way to the top of the Beacon Mental Hospital. Sebastian makes a remark to himself that if he makes it out alive he'll never ride in another elevator again, after going up so many. Sebastian arrives at the core of STEM, a massive brain he had seen visions of in the STEM terminal rooms. After looking through the floor and seeing everybody connected to STEm, including himself, Leslie runs screaming into the room and hides behind Sebastian, Juli following suit. Sebastian holds his gun up, and the two discuss what will happen with the boy, the STEM machine suddenly activating around them, Sebastian writhing around at the gihg pitched noise, Juli Kidman standing unaffected by it.

The floor of the chamber turns to orange slime, and the walls turn to an orange storming sky. Ruvik appears, this time showing his true face, beckoning Leslie. Leslie comes forth, Sebastian shouting at him to stop. Ruvik puts his hands on Leslie's head and turns him to liquid, which is then absorbed by the brain. Sebastian is then brought back to the main room, while Kidman faces off against The Administrator somewhere else. As the building seems to turn sideways, Sebastain falls through the glass wall and away from the earth, everything around him transforming into a nightmarish orange vortex, the city flying apart through the sky as brains and barbed wire emerge from the vortex.

Sebastian lands on a large brain, and the Amalgam Core emerges from beneath it, Ruvik controlling it from inside the head. Sebastian engages in a lengthy battle with it, including running through building in midair while dodging it, shooting at it from a mounted machine gun on a truck, and more, all leading up to the Amalgam hurling the truck, Sebastian flying into a massive barbed wire and becoming impaled through the stomach on a spike. As Sebastian gurgles and chokes on his own blood, the Sadist's corpse falls from the sky and lands nearby him, his rocket launcher dangling from his hand. As the Amalgam approaches, Sebastian grabs the rocket launcher, the Sadists corpse falling into the vortex, and fires all the remaining rockets left at the Amalgam. The Amalgam, now heavily wounded, knocks Sebastian off of the spike, him landing on the brain once more. The Amalgam Core lands right next to him, It's head transforming to devour him. Sebastian begins tossing and turning in the real world.

Sebastian looks up, still experiencing hematemisis, and on the verge of dying within STEM, pulls out a handgun, shooting Ruvik directly in the head right as the Amalgam's mouth snaps shut on him. Ruvik begins bleeding brofusely out of his face, screaming in agony as the Amalgam Core's limbs inflate and explode. Sebastian wakes up in the room below the STEM chamber, stumbling over to Ruvik's brain at the center of the room, tearing it from the case and hurling it at the floor, proceeding to stomp on it.

Sebastian wakes up in a STEM bathtub in what seems like the real world, walking through the hospital, dazed and confused, eventually making his way to the exit, where security forces bust in, horrified as the grizzly scene. Sebastian speaks breafly with the security captain, before looking over his shoulder to see Leslie walking nonchalantly away from the scene, Ruvik possessing him. Sebastian double takes, and finds that they are gone. Wondering whether or not what he just saw was real, Sebastian suffers another mysterious headache, and the game credits roll.


  • The location of Beacon Mental Hospital was inspired by the Winchester Mystery House in California, famous for it's architectural curiousities, and the barbed wire and glass aspects of The Haunted, as revealed by Naoki Katakai, were symbolic of the greater suffering they were enduring elsewhere.


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