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The Aperture is a massive creature and sub-boss encountered in The Evil Within 2.


The Aperture appears as a gigantic mass of swirling tentacles surrounding a massive blue eye designed after a camera lens. The creature is suspended in the air above the town of Union, where it provides its creator with overwatch, while also doubling as a source for his powers to manifest. Complementing its gigantic eye are massive tentacles which it can use to smash down on any hapless victim on the ground below, the destructive potential of which it demonstrates several times throughout Chapters 5 to 7 of the game.

The creature represents the eye that Stefano lost during his time as a wartime journalist, and his concept of opening his eyes to new ideas manifested within STEM, allowing him to see everything, and know everyone's every move, including Sebastian.

The Evil Within 2

The Aperture's appearance and powers are first introduced when Sebastian Castellanos exits the Tredwell Trucking Warehouse, after pursuing Stefano. When Stefano disappears, it is shown to summon three creatures to attack Sebastian. When he arrives at the Union City Hall during Chapter 5, Aperture is seen again, and when Sebastian steps foot past the fence, a blue beam of light shoots from its eye to summon forth the Guardian to hinder the detective's progress.

Afterwards, Aperture will only begin to alter the environment when Sebastian reaches the Business District, where it occasionally drives its huge tentacles into the streets to catch the detective by surprise, sometimes summoning more of The Lost.

Leading up to Sebastian's final showdown with Valentini, the Aperture will begin to intervene. Sebastian is teleported by Valentini to a fragmented version of the Grand Theater where the Aperture's watchful eye scans the scenery for its prey. Evading the creature's massive tentacles, Sebastian finally makes his way to an image gallery, where Valentini once again summons the Aperture to aid him in combat and shattering the theater's roof while he's at it.

Despite their combined efforts, the Aperture was slain when its creator fell to Sebastian in combat, dying with a low moan as it slowly disintegrates in the void that was once the sky above Union.

Death Animations

  • The Aperture only has a single attack with its tentacles. The creature will swing its oversized appendage down on Sebastian, pulverizing his body and killing him instantly.


  • The segment where Sebastian must evade Aperture's light is reminiscent of when Sebastian had to escape Ruvik's eye towards the end of Chapter 15 of the first game.
  • A painting in the first game appears to depict something similar to Aperture.
  • The Aperture's lens, just like Stefano's own camera, bears an inscription which reads "Veritas as-modeus".
    • Veritas means "truth" in Latin.
    • Asmodeus is one of the seven princes of hell, specifically the demon prince of lust.


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