"Responding to an urgent call at a hospital, Detective Castellanos becomes caught in something sinister."
―Chapter description.

An Emergency Call is the first chapter of The Evil Within.

Plot Edit

Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners, Joseph Oda and Juli Kidman are summoned to a crime scene at the Beacon Mental Hospital following the disappearance of the last dispatch. A high-pitched ringing noise emits out the radio of the police cruiser as the team nears their destination.

Upon arriving at the site, the trio find a massacre has taken place inside the hospital, with the place now seemingly deserted. Leaving Juli behind with their driver Oscar Connelly, Sebastian and Joseph proceed further into the hospital's CCTV booth where they find a traumatized but alive Marcelo Jimenez, who seemingly is the sole survivor. As Joseph tends to Dr. Jimenez, Sebastian goes to check the security feed, where he witnesses the supernatural murders of the last dispatch by a strange hooded man, who then appears behind the detective and attacks him, knocking him unconscious.

Sebastian then awakes in the basement of the Hospital in the captivity of a strange masked butcher. While he manages to lift the butcher's keyring and make his escape, Sebastian trips over a wire as he nears the exit, alerting the killer to his attempt, who then cripples him with a chainsaw wound to the leg. Although badly wounded, Sebastian manages to make his way past the many traps set throughout the basement and arrive at a deserted treatment room, where he snuck past the patrolling Sadist and makes it to the reception, though the killer was alerted at the last moment and chased him all the way to the elevator leading up. Despite his leg wound, Sebastian successfully makes his escape as the Sadist thrashes about in frustration.

As he exits the hospital, Sebastian reunites with his colleagues, who have managed to find another survivor, Leslie Withers. As they notice the absence of Joseph, the cityscape around them begins to deteriorate. Despite officer Connelly's best efforts, the hooded man suddenly appears in the back carriage while another ringing noise emits from the city, transforming him into a murderous creature and causing the ambulance to veer off the road and crash.


Arriving at the SceneEdit

As soon as control is granted, move Sebastian to the front door of the hospital and, following a brief exchange between the detectives, head straight when inside the lobby to find the CCTV room. A short cutscene then plays, introducing the player to Ruvik and a limited extent of his powers. Sebastian is then knocked out.


After awakening inside the hospital's basement, the player will encounter the Sadist who will then walk away. Use this opportunity to swing towards the nearby corpse to obtain a Knife to cut Sebastian down. This area of the basement then becomes the tutorial for Sneaking. Take cover next to the door of the kitchen area, then wait for the Sadist to go into the back room and sneak inside to retrieve his [ ★ ORDINARY KEYS ], then quickly slink back outside and open the red door leading upwards. It is important to sneak all the time as the player heads to the exit, as alerting the Sadist will cause him to instantly kill Sebastian.

Getting close to the exit will prompt Sebastian to trip an alarm wire and the Sadist will chase after him, which begins the sprint tutorial. Sprint towards the door at the end of the hall, where Sebastian will be wounded by the Sadist and locked in a cage with blender blades closing in from both sides. Quickly limp towards the metal grate near the end of the room, while also avoiding the blenders, then open it and jump down. There will be more traps here as well, which must be dodged as Sebastian slides down the slope into a huge blood pool. As soon as control is regained, move Sebastian to the ladder and climb up, then leave the room through the door and make a right.

The way forward will be very linear. Move towards the ledge at the end of the platform and drop down into the water, where a nearby ladder will take Sebastian up to the left side of the chamber. Inspect the corpse on the wheelchair ahead to find the [ ★ OLD NOTE FROM SEWER ], then proceed along towards the door on the far right. Open this door and climb the ladder up to the boiler room, where the [ ★ BOILER ROOM NOTE ] can be found in an alcove to the right. Interact with the lit up switch to progress.

Old wardEdit

Shortly after, the player will find themselves in a room with a glass pane showing the one adjacent. Make way towards this side room, and quickly hide in the closet next to the door, as the Sadist will come barging in. Wait for him to break down the other door, then exit the cabinet and follow him. This next room will serve as the advanced stealth tutorial. Wait for the Sadist to turn around, then move past the doorway and round the corner while using the opening on the wall to watch the Sadist's movement.


While playing on Nightmare and AKUMU, the Sadist will exit through the middle door on the left as the player rounds the corner. To avoid detection, he must be quickly hid from by ducking into the main room through the low opening nearby.

Maneuver past the Sadist into the locker at the end of the side hall and watch his movement. As soon as he moves away, quickly exit the locker and head right twice into the medical storage room. Hide behind the counter to the left for the moment, as the Sadist will begin pathing into this room shortly after. Pick up the Bottle on the floor then chuck it past the doorway into the next room as the Sadist nears it, and he will investigate. Use this chance to quickly sneak past him into the next hall and go through the door.

The player will then arrive at a long hall with an elevator standing open on one end. Move towards this elevator and the Sadist will come chasing soon after. Despite the player being reduced to a limp, the Sadist will never actually catch up to Sebastian as long as he keeps moving. Reach the elevator to trigger a cutscene, then make way through the reception area to the exit to end the chapter.

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New equipmentsEdit




  • The Sadist can be stealth killed during the hide-and-seek sequence in the treatment room, netting the player GreenGel 5,000. This is usually not worth the risk, however, as a grand total of 16 hits are needed to down him, and requires the player to constantly retreat to a locker to avoid being caught.


  • The beginning of this mission is the only time one can control Sebastian with his trench coat on.


The Evil Within Walkthrough Chapter 1 - An Emergency Call No Damage (PS4)

The Evil Within Walkthrough Chapter 1 - An Emergency Call No Damage (PS4)

An Emergency Call walkthrough by Mike Bettencourt - No damage, all collectibles.

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