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Ammo Conservationist is an achievement in The Evil Within.


This achievement can be obtained by killing 25 enemies with melee attacks. This means killing enemies by hitting them with Sebastian's basic fists or melee weapons via the bound melee button. Stealth kills do not count towards this achievement's progress.


  • There's no rule against softening enemies up with gunfire, though care must be exercised to avoid killing them by accident.
  • A standard Haunted takes three to four melee hits on Survival to kill, therefore it is a good practice to punch them twice, backstep so they miss with their follow up attack, then hit them again.
  • Using the Axe or Torch to kill enemies instantly does not count against the achievement.
  • Abusing checkpoint reloads can help with obtaining this achievement early.
  • Invest into melee damage upgrades to reduce the amount of hits needed to kill an enemy.
  • Getting the Brass Knuckles can help making this achievement easier, though it is fairly likely for the player to have already unlocked it by the time they finally obtain said weapon. This is only practical, however, if melee damage was never really invested into, or on higher difficulties than Survival as enemies on lesser modes die from relatively few hits anyway.