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This article is about the developmental form of the creature. For the creature's final boss form that bears a similar name, see Amalgam.

"The Alpha is a physical manifestation of the final consciousness of test subjects who died while connected to the STEM, combined into one single, horrific shape. It attacks anything that moves, any attempts to flee from it leads to certain death."
―Model Viewer description.

The Amalgam Alpha is an enemy boss encountered in The Evil Within and The Executioner DLC. 


The Amalgam Alpha is a massive and grotesque mishmash of multiple corpses, some disfigured some intact, some of which are still vaguely conscious about their current state. The creature stands almost 4 meters tall and has huge limbs that can squash flat an adult human in one hit. Upon taking enough damage, the Amalgam Alpha can flip over and reveal a large vertical maw that can swallow most preys with relative ease.

It has an eye stalk that it uses to scan its surroundings, which also serves as a weak spot along with another one inside its maw.


The Evil Within

The Amalgam Alpha is first encountered at the end of Chapter 8, where it suddenly appears behind Sebastian while the detective was heading towards the exit. It immediately chases him through the corridor until he somehow reaches Safe Haven and slams the door in its face, whereupon it promptly vanishes.

The Amalgam Alpha is not seen again until Chapter 10. After Marcelo Jimenez attempts to connect Leslie Withers to STEM in order to find a way out the mindscape, his actions drew Ruvik's attention and the Amalgam is summoned in the chamber. Although Sebastian and Leslie managed to evade the beast, it succeeded in crushing a hysterical Jimenez before hurling Sebastian into an underground car park where it engages him in a final battle.

The Executioner

The Amalgam Alpha, a.k.a. Subject CB-210 is the second-to-last boss that Pedro Martin must fight as The Keeper. It is found in the same car park where it is fought in the main game, and endless hordes of The Haunted will spawn in to assist it in attacking the player, though the creature completely disregards their safety and will gladly plow through them to reach the Keeper.


The Evil Within

  • Snipe as much as one's ammo stock allows for. The Amalgam Alpha is especially vulnerable against a sniping Sebastian. Simply hide behind a large pillar and take potshots at the creature. Shooting its eye enough will stun it for a short period, where one follow up shot will severely damage it (don't fire more than once, as this gives away Sebastian's location). If it moves around too much, try using Freeze bolts to momentarily stun it, and opening it up for aimed shots. 
  • The Shotgun is also a viable weapon, though using it can be dangerous, as Sebastian has to get close to the thing for optimal damage. When it's in its flipped state, this is a bad idea, as the Amalgam Alpha has an instant-kill move that it will use on Sebastian if he is within reach.
  • Give the cars in the area a wide berth, as the Amalgam Alpha has a tendency to knock them in Sebastian's direction. If these flung cars hit him, he will take heavy damage.
  • Hiding under cars is a gamble. On the one hand, they provide the player with a place of rest where the Amalgam Alpha couldn't see or attack them, but on the other, if it sees Sebastian doing it, which it very well could considering the small arena, it could just crush any car he is under, killing him instantly.
  • On a New Game+, the "FreezeMagnum" (i.e. one Freeze bolt followed by one to three Magnum shots) combo can be pulled off to decimate it in moments.

The Executioner

  • Use either the Rocket Launcher or the cars littered around the yard against the creature. If one manages to reflect a car back at the Amalgam Alpha, the creature will be stunned enough to get in one to four quick melee attacks. The Sword can be used to take off huge chunks of its health in rapid succession.

Death Animations

  • If the Amalgam Alpha manages to catch up to Sebastian during the hallway chase in Chapter 8, the creature will smash him flat with its oversized right hand. As Sebastian has infinite stamina during this scene, this animation is only caused by him accidentally running into an obstacle.
  • If Sebastian hides under a car and the Amalgam Alpha sees him doing it, the creature will pound the car flat to crush him.
  • If Sebastian is caught when the Amalgam Alpha is in its "flipped" state, the creature will swallow him whole with its gigantic maw.


The First, Not the Last.jpg The First, Not the Last
40 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

End a monstrosity in the underground garage.
This is a Secret achievement.


  • Despite its name hinting at it being a leader of a pack, no lesser "Amalgam" creatures ever appear in either the game or its DLCs.
    • "Alpha" could alternatively refer to it being the first, mechanically-sound but far from complete model of its kind, however, which seems appropriate, judging by its malformed and sloppy appearance. This is somewhat supported by how a similar iteration of the creature is simply referred to as "Amalgam" after merging with its creator, as it is technically complete by that point. This theory is also supported by the achievement for killing Amalgam Alpha being called "The First, Not the Last".
  • In The Executioner, Amalgam Alpha's appearance is slightly different from the version encountered in the campaign. The front of the creature is flipped upside down.
    • If its subject transcript in the DLC is any indication, Amalgam Alpha is effectively blind. Its "eye" serves as a rudimentary radar of sorts that it uses to detect the thoughts of its prey before homing in on that source and assimilating it into its mass.
    • Amalgam Alpha is the only boss absent from the Hidden Execution chamber.
  • Though it plays no role in the actual plot, a heavily distorted vision of Amalgam Alpha reaching out and grabbing Sebastian appears in The Evil Within 2 during a series of quick flashes of Sebastian's memories of the Beacon incident. It plays during Sebastian's second scripted encounter with Anima.


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