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The Alpha Team was a detachment of MOBIUS agents who were sent into Union to investigate the disturbances following the disappearance of the STEM Core.

Various members of the team are met throughout the plot of The Evil Within 2, either dead, dying or separated/isolated from the other surviving members.


William Baker

William Baker was the appointed leader of Alpha Team and one of its two combat specialists next to Miles Harrison.

At some point prior to the arrival of Sebastian Castellanos, Baker broke off from the team to follow a particularly powerful signal, which either turned out to be or led him into the hands of Stefano Valentini. The mad artist promptly murdered him with a shot to the head and trapped his body in a perpetual state of stasis, replaying the final moments of his life in an unending loop.

Liam O'Neal

Liam O'Neal is one of Alpha Team's two technical experts next to Julian Sykes, and the first surviving member encountered by Sebastian.

Through a reluctant partnership, O'Neal serves as Sebastian's navigator and tech support during the first third of the story, providing him with valuable intel on resources and access to various MOBIUS installations throughout Union.

Contact with O'Neal is cut off partway through Chapter 11, as Sebastian tries to regroup with him after meeting Esmeralda Torres. Following his trails, Sebastian stumbles upon a radically-changed O'Neal in a restricted wing of The Marrow, who promptly attacks him. O'Neal is eventually killed by Sebastian in self defense.

Miles Harrison

Miles Harrison is the other combat specialist of Alpha Team and the second survivor of their expedition, managing to hole up in the Union City Hall with a squad of MOBIUS personnel.

By the time Sebastian arrived at the City Hall, Harrison is already dying, seemingly attacked by Stefano Valentini and left for dead. The agent leaves Sebastian with his Communicator and instructs him to restart the Stable Field Emitter on the second floor before expiring.

Yukiko Hoffman

Yukiko Hoffman is Alpha Team's medic and psychological expert.

Sebastian first approaches Hoffman while making his way to the Grand Theatre through The Marrow. After her introduction, she gives Sebastian's advice on how to take on Stefano by suggesting to attack him through his artwork.

Passing through The Marrow via Torres' Safe House in Union Nature Preserve, Sebastian finds out that she has left her safe house to meet with O'Neal in the Restricted Labs of The Marrow, only to find him corrupted by Theodore's will. After Sebastian and Torres attempt to infiltrate Theodore's fortress, Hoffman brings both of them back to her Safe House, after being attacked by hordes of The Lost, only for Sebastian to find a lifeless Torres as he wakes up from his "dream".

Hoffman then breaches Theodore's stronghold appearing in the Business District of Union, with the help of Sebastian. They use a prototype field stabilizer to bypass the wall of fire and the many Disciples inside, while she operates it. Barely arriving at the entrance to his stronghold, Hoffman is attacked by a Disciple from behind, causing her to fall down and breaking the stabilizer in the process, leaving her vulnerable to the wall of fire, and thus incinerating her.

Julian Sykes

Julian Sykes was a member of the Alpha Team and a STEM programmer

He is a minor ally with Sebastian throughout the game. He is first found in the Business District of Union being attacked by mobs of The Lost. If he chose to help him, Sykes will guide him to his safe house where he requests that he turns on the servers in The Marrow, as MOBIUS has most likely turned it off, so he can try to find a way out of Union.

If he helps him by turning on the servers, Sykes will contact him when he enters the Business District after eliminating Stefano. He then discovers that he managed to hack the servers to access a restricted area of STEM. Sebastian must enter the area and kill the Lost guarding the area so Sykes use a STEM pod to get out.

Afterwards, he is never seen for the rest of the game, where there is a 1/4 chance of success of him getting out of Union alive.


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