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Albedo are enemies encountered in the The Evil Within 2 throughout Limbo.


The final variety of Lost encountered, Albedo are created by Myra Hanson to prevent Sebastian Castellanos from reaching Lily. They are found only in Limbo, and are some of the only creatures that can exist in such a hopeless environment.


Similarly to the Lost, Albedo are born from the former denizens of Union. They have been overtaken by a gooey white substance known as "psychoplasm", which they are comprised of. In contrast to the slimy and viscous nature of The Watcher, the psychoplasm that they are made of is hardened and cracking, similarly to the Effigy.

Many Albedo have additional hands growing outward from various facets of their body, though they are stiff and serve no practical use to them. The exteriors of their nearly stone-like bodies are heavily eroded, with many fissures and uneven chip coatings all throughout, and faintly visible grooves in the shape of formerly exposed muscle tissue. Some Albedo have bubbling psychoplasm splotches on their chests, eye sockets or backsides.

When idle or distressed, Albedo will let out a frantic croaking noise, alterting others nearby as they pursue their victims.

For reasons unknown, Albedo are also exclusively male, it would seem.


While many Albedo can already be seen patrolling the areas they are found in, pacing about and gazing at their surroundings, others can be observed to enter a catatonic and statue-like state when unoccupied, similarly to many inanimate Albedo, though whether they emerge from this state only at Myra's command or at their own volition is unknown. Breaking free from this state takes a few moments, as they must shift poses until full animation is reachieved.

In combat, Albedo attack in a similar manner to the Lost, though with much greater ferocity, swiping repeatedly when next to Sebastian, and often lunging at him after engaging in a sprint, going for the throat. Albedo will also get back up after being knocked over much more quickly that their cousins, almost instantly on higher difficulties, making a stomp-kill quite difficult to pull off when there is too much ground between Sebastian and the creature. When damaged, fragments of the Albedo will shatter off, and upon death they will fall over and violently burst into pieces.

Albedo are not particularly susceptible to flames, and will often survive being ignited, shrugging off the damage after the flames die down. Albedo also tend to quickly shrug off blasts from shotguns, though rapid assault rifle barrages can stagger them effectively, and a fully-upgraded handgun can easily penetrate their durable exteriors and lead to an insta-kill headshot.

Stealth kills are also an efficient technique to dispatch them one-by-one as they wander away from their groups.

Death Animations

  • If the Albedo grabs hold of Sebastian while he is low on health, it will throttle his throat and swing him into the ground. The Albedo then climbs on top of Sebastian and proceeds to wildly pummel his face in with both hands.


  • The word "Albedo" means "whiteness" in latin.
  • At some point during his stay in Union, Stefano happens upon a large horde of petrified Albedo, which he rounds up and stores in a dark room, taking solace in that he isn't the only "artist" in this world, foreshadowing Myra's wrath.
  • Psychoplasm is a primordial substance believed to supply the basis to the psychical, as well as the phsyical; a soul, which is a hypothesized mechanism that transfers a past-life legacy from one generation to another through the process of human reproduction. This could symbolize Myra's legacy being passed down through Lily, given that psychoplasm, a prominant concern throughout the game, was spawned from Myra to begin with.
    • Given that Myra's psychoplasm was a medium of her consciousness, and emotion is one of the five case factors of the Jungian Soul Genome hypothesis, she only transformed into the Matriarch when her emotions, which she used as a weapon through the duration of the game, culminated into a giant amalgamation of uncontrollable feelings, which dominated her control during the fight.
    • Another of the five factors is cognitive cerebrotype capacity. In reincarnation matching, the past-life identification depends on an estimate of the probability that the mind that incarnated in the past life animates the current one. This can take form in both the Albedo and the Matriarch. The mind of the person the Albedo formerly was is unlikely to be animating the body any longer, Myra now animates the body because of what her psychoplasm did to them, and so the person's "soul" died in STEM, and only their body was reborn. In the case of the Matriarch, Myra's mind was what animated the emotions of the creature's body, and the creature's body was born from her, and so her "soul" reincarnated into the creature, and with it, her consciousness.


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