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A Real Hero is an achievement in The Consequence DLC.


This achievement is unlockable during Chapter 4 of The Consequence. After opening a keycard-locked door, Juli Kidman will reach what appears to be a trashed kitchen with two smashable boxes blocking the way.

At the end of the room is a dumbwaiter with banging sound coming from behind the door. A button on the wall nearby will quickly turn green, which must be pressed to send the dumbwaiter down to provide Sebastian Castellanos with an escape during his fight with The Keeper.


  • The achievement icon is a reference to Superman, as evident by the initial-emblazoned shield on an undershirt, with the only difference being the letter K for Kidman on the shield instead of an S. Superman himself is also known to rip his outer shirt open when he sheds his disguise, which is replicated accurately by Kidman in the image.
  • While actually sending down the dumbwaiter to obtain the achievement is optional, it is implied that Kidman canonically does that anyway to save Sebastian during Chapter 13 to provide him with an escape from The Keeper.