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"Alone, Sebastian makes his escape from the trap-filled caves."
―Chapter description.

A Planet Seed Will Grow is the eighth chapter of The Evil Within.


As Sebastian escapes the underground catacombs, he finds himself stranded in an old cave system filled with monsters and traps. As he makes his way through the caverns, he's suddenly overcome by a strange ripple that transports him back to Beacon Mental Hospital, where he is reunited with Dr. Marcelo Jimenez], who reluctantly divulges information on his involvement with Ruvik, and his role in STEM's creation, before another ripple separates them again.

As he turns to leave, Sebastian hears a deafening roar coming from behind him, and is chased down the hospital halls by a large, misshapen monster. He manages to outrun the monstrosity, only to be taunted by Ruvik in the Safe Haven.


This chapter is very short, and can be completed very quickly.

As soon as it begins, Sebastian will be trapped in a small cave with several AlterEgos and a boarded up exit in the next room.


This walkthrough will assume the player is going for the Item Management achievement. If not, then feel free to use firearms where appropriate.

As guns and the Agony Crossbow are disallowed for the purpose of the achievement, equip a Grenade. With careful timing, run past the AlterEgos towards and break the boarded up doorway, then move a bit forward and chuck a grenade into the next room. With luck, the two AlterEgos inside will have been blown up, leaving only the enemies behind Sebastian to worry about. If necessary, and one's stock allows for it, chuck another grenade into the tunnel leading into the cave to kill the pursuing AlterEgos as well, then use the wheel nearby to raise the metal gate, while also lowering a statue containing a [ ★ KEY ] into view. Collect the key and go through the doorway, past the two AlterEgos lying on the floor, and into a larger cave with harpoons shooting out from one side.

Take note of the harpoon firing pattern and hug the nearby low wall to avoid getting hit, and slowly move to the other side. Midway through the chamber, there will be large gaps where there are no cover, so timing is key to avoid being hit here. The tree in the center of the room provides decent cover, and has a Freeze Bolt that can be collected, so grab it and continue moving to the far end where there's a gap that can be squeezed through to enter into a new room.

In this next room, walk up to the table with a lit lantern and look for a low brick wall next to it to spot the [ ★ CASE STUDY: ALTEREGO ] audio tape. Use the crank to raise the gate, but a swarm of The Babies will drop down and harass Sebastian. They only deal minor damage, and can be killed simply by stepping on them, but could pose a significant threat when playing on AKUMU. Dispose of them, and use the crank again to open the way forward.

Time to get wet! Wade into the partially-flooded cave here and keep moving forward, but do check out the mini-waterfalls on the right side, as one of them has a statue hidden beneath the stream that can be smashed for a [ ★ KEY ]. Climb over the wooden fence at the end and notice the two AlterEgos in the next room, one standing and one on the floor. As they haven't noticed Sebastian yet, quickly sprint past them and squeeze through the gap on the wall to enter into yet another chamber. There will be no more combat after this, so feel free to relax.

The next area has some loot, including an Explosive Bolt to the left, then climb up to the lit doorway. Collect the [ ★ CAVE NOTE ] and [ ★ BLOODY RELIEF PLATE ] from the ground and inspect the metal door. The slot here is for the Relief Plate, but only one side opens the door, while the other triggers a trap that will instantly kill Sebastian. The plate has two sides, one of which is bloodied, which obviously meant whomever tried it last chose the wrong one, so use the plate with the clean side facing outward to unlock the door. Keep moving forward until a ripple appears and changes the cave into Beacon Mental Hospital, more specifically the same elevator hallway from Chapter 1. Don't go just yet, however, and instead turn around to find a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ] lying on the floor behind Sebastian. Once done, move towards the double doors on the far end to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene ends, Sebastian will be standing in an abandoned operating theater with three collectibles to nab: a key, a Document, and a Personal Document. Check the nearby stretcher for the [ ★ JOURNAL OF SEBASTIAN CASTELLANOS - JUNE 16, 2009 ], and a machine just close by for the [ ★ RESEARCH FACILITY NOTE ]. The statue containing the [ ★ KEY ] will be sitting on top of a leaning pipe at the end of the room, a bit out of melee range, so grab the nearby Bottle and chuck it at the statue to break it and drop the key. Grabbing the key may take some footwork, but shouldn't be too difficult. Once everything's been got, exit through the other double doors and be ready for a chase sequence.

Amalgam Alpha

This massive beast will start bearing down on Sebastian as soon as the chase begins, and will kill him in one hit if it catches up, so run like hell down the hallway while dodging the doors and gurneys along the way. Sebastian has unlimited stamina during this sequence, so don't worry about resting. After a short while, Sebastian will reach a metal door and slam it on the creature, thus permanently shutting it out and ending the chapter with a jumpscare from Ruvik.



Personal Documents

Audio Tapes

Map Fragments





Item Management.jpg Item Management
10 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

This cave echoes like crazy. Better put the gun away and keep quiet. (Ch. 8)




The Evil Within Walkthrough Chapter 8 - A Planted Seed Will Grow No Damage All Collectibles (PS4)

A Planted Seed Will Grow walkthrough by Mike Bettencourt - No damage, all collectibles.

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