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Say one

Say a random TEW or TEW2 fact if you want because I'm dying of boredom
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Myra confuses me

Hey guys, I finished The Evil Within two a while ago and one line still boggles my mind.

In this cutscene at 2:53 (, Myra says that there never was a fire to save Lily from.

WHAT? Can somebodey explain this line to me?

My theory: In the executioner DLC, it is hinted that Ruvik will be able to control the true reality too after he leaves STEM, so he might've just played with Sebastian's mind and gave him these false memories...

But I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The Evil Within 2 | All Myra Hanson Cutscenes 【1080p HD】
The Evil Within 2 | All Myra Hanson Cutscenes 【1080p HD】 YouTube
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• 1/18/2019

Did you??

Did you cry during the game??
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• 1/16/2019


Is TEW or TEW2 even your favourite game? 😂
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• 1/13/2019


The Lost or The Haunted?
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• 1/12/2019

PS4 Sound Bug

I got a super game breaking sound glitch on PS4, so when you walk out tredwell trucking and see German jap gay boy on the truck and it zooms into the eye with this static in the background, THAT STATIC WONT GO AWAY! I’m doing a 0 death run on top of this, and I just can’t play the game like this, I can’t hear a thing all the tension is lost cause of this. Any suggestions on how to fix sound glitches on PS4. All is appreciated!
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• 1/8/2019
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• 1/7/2019

Fav moment

What's your favourite moment from TEW2??
Mine is when Sebastian tries to get out of STEM with Lily in his hands
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• 1/7/2019

Why Didn't Sebastian Search For Myra's Body?

Operating under the assumption that the main STEM room that Kidman brings Sebastian to in the beginning was intended for special purposes, one could assume that one or more seperate areas were used for sending in operatives and the like. So I'm just a little bit puzzled why Sebastian didn't wander around the Mobius Headquarters until he found a room where her body was in a bath. He could have brought her body with and held a funeral for her.

The only reason I can think of for why they wouldn't include this scene is to maybe allude to a chance that she survived - but I find it highly unlikely since a glacier basically collapsed on her :(

What do you think?

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• 1/5/2019


Kidman: Hey guys I'm going to McDonald's, want anything?

Ruvik: My sister.

Stefano: People who appreciate my art.

Sebastian: My family back.

Theodore: Control over STEM.

Kidman: Guys, I have like 12 dollars...

I don't know I liked it😂😂😂
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• 1/5/2019


Just to let everyone know I am the account with the name Νωντας Ευσταθοπουλος and I changed the account
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• 1/4/2019

The Game

Why didn't the game in general receive a lot of audience?? I mean...the first game did pretty well but the second one is even better and no one is giving it a chance to prove it...why do you think it didn't receive attention?
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• 1/2/2019


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• 1/1/2019


how do you change your language server?
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• 1/1/2019

Votre Avis Sur la Fin?

Ce que je veux dire par là, c'est que pour vous, l'instant où on voit l'ordi s'allumer tout seul.

Pensez vous que c'est Ruvik qui a rallumé le STEM? Et donc pourquoi?

Où es un signe qui démontre que la conscience de Myra a survécu à UNION?


Moi je penses que c'est les deux en même temps. Que Ruvik a rallumé le STEM, mais qui à un problème pour prendre le contrôle entièrement de la machine, parce que Myra est vivante.
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• 1/1/2019

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone from me and from Sebastian, Myra, Lily, Torres, Hoffman, Sykes, O'Neal, Stefano, Theodore and everybody from our beloved game...yes even The Lost 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️
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• 12/30/2018

The Retard Within

How do you think you are? I know who you are, Mobius. You're so dumb that I can't believe you're the most powerful corporation in world's history. Why did you allowed Kidman working for you in TEW2 after she obviously betrayed you all in the DLCs? Is it really a great surprise that she would do it again? Also she said she disabled her chip three days ago. So how did she got access to all the doors and stuff within the 3 days and how bad is your security that you didn't noticed?
And was it necessary to connect all your minds with the STEM? A system controlled by (childs or) unstable psychos. Kinda foolish eh?
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• 12/28/2018

The True Core

How did Myra become The Core and achieved The Core's powers? Wasn't Lily the Core? Why and how her mother was suddenly considered The Core??
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• 12/27/2018


If Stefano...Myra and Theodore...together with Sykes.. Hoffman...Torres...O'Neal...were in STEM.. .then why weren't their bodies in a pod in the real world? The only bodies we got to see were Seb's... ofc ...and Lily's
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• 12/27/2018

The Evil Within Quiz Results

Hey everyone^^
Thanks for the participation at my little quiz. I actually hoped a few more ppl would join but it's okay. Here the right answers and who was right:

Question 1:
What's the name of the game series in Japan?

Answer: Psycho Break

answered by: LudwigHolyBlade
answered right by: LudwigHolyBlade

Question 2:
What's the name of the vending machines in The Evil Within 2?

Answer: Fuji Dew

answered by: Lilcastellanos
answered by: Jellyfishking33
answered right by: Lilcastellanos

Question 3:
How many locker keys you can find inside Victoriano estaste?

Answer: 3 (parents bedroom, labor beside dining room, ceiling in statue room)

answered by: Jellyfishking33
answered right by: -

Question 4:
What is Myra's username in the systems of Mobius?

Answer: Myra0917

answered by: LudwigHolyBlade
answered right by: LudwigHolyBlade

Question 5:
What is the combination of the storage room under Union auto repair?

Answer: 9676

answered by: -

Question 6:
What's the name of the electronic producer for Mobius' technical equipment in The Evil Within and the DLCs?

Answer: Man's Life

answered by: -

Question 7:
What is the name of Unions supermarket?

Answer: Supermarket Krimsons

answered by: Jimmybuckets24
answered right by: Jimmybuckets24

Question 8:
What's the name of the Keeper's daughter?

Answer: Marta Martin

answered by: Jellyfishking33
answered right by: Jellyfishking33

Question 9:
What's the combination of the secret labor in the music room (Victoriano Estate)?

Answer: 11 and 2

answered by: -

Question 10:
How many stars you can see on the police badge of KCPD?

Answer: 4

answered by: LudwigHolyBlade
answered by: Jellyfishking33
answered right by: Jellyfishking33

Question 11:
How many newspapers can be found in The Evil Within?

Answer: 21

answered by: -

Question 12:
What's the name of chapter 7 in The Evil Within 2?

Answer: Lust for Art

answered by: Jellyfishking33
answered right by: Jellyfishking33

Question 13:
What's the name of the sculpture?

Answer: Rebirth

answered by: -

Question 14:
What reminds Sebastian in The Evil Within 2 at the Zodiac Killer?

Answer: Theodores handwriting

answered by: -

Question 15:
When did Lily got kidnapped?

Answer: 2012

answered by: LudwigHolyBlade
answered right by: -

Question 16:
In which chapters there are optional boss fights in The Evil Within?

Answer: 1, 4, 6, 7, 10, 13

answered by: -


Rank I
Jellyfishking33 (3 Points)

Rank II
LudwigHolyBlade (2 Points)

Rank III
Lilcastellanos (1 Point)
Jimmybuckets24 (1 Point)

Congrats Jelly and Ludwig

Thanks everyone for participation, hope you guys had fun:)
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